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Derek Ramsay and Andrea Torres: Are they officially on?


DEREK RAMSAY speaks about his mom’s first impression of Andrea Torres: “At first, I was worried introducing her. And my mom goes, ‘Wow, I like this girl. She has breeding.’”

Derek and Andrea are teamed up in GMA’s “The Better Woman” “Approve ni Mommy,”

“Mommy likes her. It’s the first time na nagpakilala ako ng girl sa mom ko na my mom felt positive.”

However, the actor stressed that it doesn’t mean her mom disapproves of her ex-girlfriends.

“My mom had to size them up. Yung iba kasi minsan nahihiya.

“Because my mom has a really strong personality.

“You’ve met my mom. Her appearance can scare you, e.

“Hindi plastic yung tao na yun, e. Kung ayaw niya sa iyo, mararamdaman mo talagang ayaw niya.

“Kung gusto ka niya, mararamdaman mong gusto ka niya.”

In Andre’as case, the actress easily got along with Derek’s mom.

“Siya yung nag-effort, e,” ani Derek sa pagiging likas na pagiging magiliw raw ni Andrea.

“And first time na… At first, I was worried introducing her.

“And my mom goes, ‘Wow, I like this girl. She has breeding.’ Gumanun pa siya.”

“Whoa! I didn’t expect that.”

“But natuwa ako na she likes her.”

Derek admits that her mom and Andrea’s parents have already met.

“Yes, my parents have met her parents,” In his tone, Derek assumes Andre’as parents likes him too.

“My parents invited her parents to my dad’s birthday, my dad’s 76th birthday.”

Aside from being with the Ramsay’s family affair, Andrea also attended the World Flying Disk Federation 2019 Asia Oceanic Ultimate & Guts Championships in Shanghai, China – were the actor is an active member.

“We’re super close. She came with me to Shanghai. She supported me in Shangai,”

“Pinag-uusapan namin sa set na she’s never seen Frisbee.

“Then I asked her, ‘Gusto mo sumama? Shanghai? You’ll see Frisbee at the highest level ‘cause that’s the Asian championships.’

“So she came, she’s never been to Shanghai.”

It is Derek and Andrea’s first out-of-thecountry trip.

“Di ko siya naikot. Sabi ko, ‘Sorry.’

“Because talagang we play three games a day. It’s a hundred-minute long, so we’re there the entire day.

“If we’re going to survive to do it again the next day, talagang pahinga.

“So, we were there five days. Five days ang competition. We finished fourth in Asia.”

Andrea hasn’t seen much on that trip, but Derek confesses that he’s so proud of her being that supportive.

“And ang galing niya! Wala siyang kaemeeme.

“Kasi bipolar yung weather there, e. It was hot, it was raining…

“Walang payong… nakatutok lang talaga siya.”

If they’re this close, would Derek consider that they are now officially on?

“Hahaha! Ayoko i-jinx. Let’s take it slow,” But the actor professes his admiration towards Andrea.

“She’s a great woman. She’s a very talented actress and an even better human being.”

“She gives so much value to her family.”

“Her mom is always on the set. Natutuwa ako dun because you know how important family is to me.

“So, it’s nice to see that she really values family.”

“At the same time, bonus, she’s beautiful.”

Derek first met Andrea at the GMA station ID shoot in April 2019.

At that time Derek was still in a relationship with his long time girlfriend Joanne Villablanca.

But after almost a couple of months, both have decided to end their relationship.

Then in June 9, Joanne posted in her Instagram account a cryptic message.

Implying of a third party involved.

On the other hand, Derek did not comment on that.

All he said was the relationship had to end that way.


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