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Delight in the best, 10-hour Tonkotsu Ramen


OVER THE years, we’ve featured a lot of food businesses. All of them built on passion and excellent quality, but only a few stand the test of time. Café Noelle, owned by Chef Judy Uson, evokes such sincere feeling of comfort and familiarity to diners, because this is a restaurant that was born out of the home.

Chef Judy’s determination and creativity keep her at the top of her game even during the pandemic. Recently, she launched HACHIKO Asian Noodle Bar, specializing in popular and besttasting Asian cuisine.

At Hachiko, we set out to create the dishes and flavorsthat have become the food that we crave. Every dish on the menu is satisfying, soothing and made with love,” Chef Judy shares.

Chefs words were more than enough to stir the taste buds, so I lost no time in ordering the best sellers and whatever that looked good in the menu. For starter, Hachiko Pork Bao Bun is an interesting concept – steamed bao buns stuffed with braised pork belly, cucumber, chili mayo, peanuts and scallions – all these get to mingle in your mouth – a perfect match!

The famous Tonkotsu Ramen is a traditional Japanese 10-hour pork broth with ajinomoto egg, chasu pork, scallions, mushrooms and noodles. This delicious bowl opens up the taste buds to the soothing texture of the noodles and rich taste of the soup everything is but a fleeting pleasure, the best and must try.

Seafood Laksa is equally stellar, made of spicy coconut prawn broth, shrimps, fish balls, beansprouts, cilantro and scallions.

For spicy food lovers, Beef Szechuan is for you – a Taiwanese-style spicy noodle soup with red braised beef shank, baby bok choy, cilantro and scallions.

If you want something simple yet satisfying dish, theres the Braised Pork dry noodle dish you will surely love, made of luscious pork belly slices, baby bok choy, mushrooms on top of egg noodles.

Refreshing tea drinks are available too such as Lychee Green Tea with apple and lemon slices, and Oolong Passion Fruit Tea mixture of black tea and passion fruitpuree.

“HACHIKO is a homage to my grandparents, who have always fueled our love for food, travel and adventure. They are happy troopers when we travel. Walking endlessly, even with aching knees, Grandma would always be excited to find the best ramen in Tokyo. We’ve trekked through towns to find hole-in-the-wall laksa place in Singapore and lined up for hours just to taste the melt-in-your-mouth beef noodles in Hong Kong. More than just noodles and nostalgia, this is our definition of comfort food, Chef Judy enthuses.

The restaurant is a cozy place with indoor and outdoor dining areas, well decorated with Asian themed interiors that will make guests feel welcome and at ease. The servers are attentive and friendly too.

Visit HACHIKO at Brickyard Bldg. Greenfields Square, Sindalan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga andfollow FB @HachikoAsianNoodleBar.


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