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Dawn Chang is out of GT


SULTRY ACTRESS Dawn Chang quits GT.

GT (GirlTrends) is the former all-girl group seen on “it’s Showtime”.

From having 20 members, the group lowered its no by 8 members which consisst of: Dawn, Mica Javier, Chienna Filomeno, Mikee Agustin, Sammie Rimando, Krishha Viaje, Joana Hipolito, and Jessica Marasigan.

On the first episode of her you tube vlog titled “Brutally Honest”, one netizen asked Dawn if she’s still a member of GT.

Former Pinog Big Brother alumna directly answered the question.

“No, I’m no longer part of GT.”

“Alam niyo, I’ve been dancing for 17 years now and being a performer is a huge, huge responsibility.

“I am supposed to share my talent and entertain.

“I am supposed to give an enjoyable and memorable experience to the audience. And I feel that I am not able to able to fulfill those traits and responsibilities as a performer when I am with GT. Mastering an art takes a lifetime.

“You need consistent training, you need consistent practice, you need a very strong foundation, and a very, very strong discipline para mag-succeed o para gumaling ka.”

She also mentioned… “We are not on the same page.”

“In all fairness, we have to give credit to these girls because they are trying their best.

“But I feel that we are not on the same page.”

Dawn stressed that she would want to focus on her career.

“I am not getting any younger. I am 30 years old.

“I think it’s about time for me to relieve myself from the group and start doing things on my own.

“I am very excited because I am teachable, I am trainable, and I am ‘tweakable’ if there’s a term.

“Because, you know, every time somebody’s correcting me or somebody’s criticizing me constructively, I love it because I know that that’s for me.

“They want me to be better and I want to be better than yesterday.

“For me, it’s not about the fame, it’s not about the fortune.

“It’s about the principle.”

“If one day I become a very, very good performer, fame and fortune will come next.

“But for now, I want growth.” she narrates.


“AS A FILIPINO, I am very humbled and grateful to be recognized in the international scene,” said Alden Richards during the 14th Seoul International Drama Awards.

After starring in the blockbuster hit Hello, Love, Goodbye, Alden Richards is still in South Korea and received a recognition from the 14th Seoul International Drama Awards.

Last August 28, Alden walked the red carpet of the Grand Peace Hall of Kyunghee University.

Alden is the recipient of the Asian Star Prize award at the 2019 Seoul International Drama Awards.

In his speech, Alden said: “It is such an honor to receive this award. As a Filipino, I am very humbled and grateful to be recognized in the international scene along with so many amazing and talented artists here tonight.

“This award is also extra special to me because it comes at a time when we are celebrating 70 years of friendship between the Philippines and Korea.

“Thank you to the Seoul Drama Awards Committee and the Korean Broadcasters Association.

“As actors, it is always our hope to make more people happy and inspire them with our passion.”

The Seoul International Drama Awards is an annual festival that honors outstanding television drama productions worldwide.

Alden is currently taping for his upcoming teleserye titled The Gift.

Jo Berry, Jean Garcia, and Elizabeth Oropesa are some of his co-stars in this Kapuso series.

In 2018, Alden received a Silver Award from the New York Festival for his performance in Alaala: A Martial Law Special.


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