Dabu assailed anew

    CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – A dismissed Capitol employee has accused embattled Provincial Administrator Atty. Vivian Dabu of allegedly making illegal cash advances amounting to at least P1 million last year.

    Jannette Tricia S. Pineda, administrative officer III, said Dabu had made the illegal cash advances from July 30 up to December 24, 2008. She gave Punto a copy of her letter to the investigating committee headed by Dabu asking them to allow her to inspect and photocopy Land Bank of Philippines and Philippine National Bank checks released to the provincial administrator as payment for procurement of materials.

    Pineda, daughter of former Provincial Treasurer Jovito Sabado, said Dabu had cash advances amounting to as much as P200,000 and P100,000 reflected in some of the 50 bank checks issued to her.

    Pineda disclosed that the Commission on Audit (COA) disallows government workers and officials from making cash advances amounting to more than P10,000.

    She added that as a member of the Bids and Awards Committee she was able to keep a record of the bank checks issued to Dabu in 2008.

    Pineda said she made the request to Dabu at the height of the investigation on Pineda’s  alleged involvement in the “tampering of several canvass sheets prior to the awarding thereof of supplies.” She was then assigned at the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC).         

    Pineda said the examination of the Landbank and PNB banks issued to Dabu would help her defend herself.

    “I was accused of tampering because there were some erasures in the documents attached to the checks. But I want to point out that Dabu also submitted documents with some erasures. They made an impression that it was okay,” said Pineda who visited the office of Punto last week. 

     Pineda said Dabu and Gov. Eddie Panlilio had failed to allow her to examine the said bank checks despite repeated requests.

    “Where is transparency and good governance in their decision not to let me examine public documents?’ said Pineda.

     Pineda also assailed Dabu for her alleged illegal act of dismissing her and failure to provide her vital documents which would allow her to appeal the verdict before the Civil Service Commission (CSC). She was referring to the failure of Panlilio through Provincial Legal Officer Atty. Catherine Mesuelo to give her a transcript of records of the hearing of her administrative case.

    In a letter to Mansueto, Pineda said “your office advised me to be back and receive them (minutes) on November 13 (2009) but they were still unavailable.”

    Pineda said Dabu had headed the committee which investigated her “gross dishonesty and falsification of official documents” entered into as Administrative Case No. 009-009 filed against her by Panlilio last June. She added that “it’s ironic that Dabu was also the complainant.”

    Pineda said the dismissal against her signed by Panlilio on October 27, 2009 was illegal because the decision “has no legal and factual basis.” She added that Dabu had failed to provide complete records of the case attached to the report of investigation within the required period of within 15 days after the conclusion of the formal investigation.

    Last week, Punto exposed the statements and liabilities and net worth of Dabu showing her asset nearly doubled from some P7.9 million in 2007 to P13.9 million in 2008 even as the taxes withheld from her professional practice was only P12,000 with a refund of over P3,000.


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