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Curb your cravings


DURING MY stint for studies and work in California, USA, twelve years ago, I developed this unstoppable craving for sweet foods. Perhaps people who know me dearly wouldn’t believe this for I always skip dessert when I attend occasions.

As I recall, my sweets addiction started because of my American friend Mary, who makes the best banana chocolate shake in the world. I used to spend my lunches with this gorgeous babe at least three times a week. She’s a naturally talented cook that each meal we had in her fabulous house were unforgettable. The highlight is always towards the end – different kinds of sinful sweets she enthusiastically baked that she insisted I try even just a bit. Acknowledging her time and effort to create these delights, I always obliged. Afterwards, she’ll put a bunch in a box for me to take home.

This went on for months. I was totally hooked unknowingly. Everyday thereon, I started craving for sweets. I could finish a half amount of a big chocolate cake plus a handful of chocolate bars in a blink. Sweets occupied most of the space in my fridge and kitchen cabinets. It was insane.

One morning I noticed I had a double chin. So, I went to my dermatologist friend thinking it was just a sagging skin because of age and for working up to past midnight. Upon seeing my derma, she plainly said: “You gained weight. Your case has nothing to do with your skin.” I laughed uncontrollably for her straightforwardness. She was right.

The cravings continued but I nailed it. How? Through mind power and commitment. Whenever the temptation arose, I told myself – these foods will lead me to sufferings later. I shall not give in. I did this continuously with conviction. I vigilantly ignored the desire of sugar seduction and stopped feeding the culprit of the number one diabetes causative. I slew the monster victoriously after a week. The longing disappeared, leaving no trace. It was like a sweet love affair that I must end, to save myself.

Some studies showed that sweet cravings have something to do with emotional and mind concerns. But I tell you – not in my case. I was totally alright when I was trapped. It was the constant consumption that triggered it. In short, just like drug addiction: your system gets so used to it, reacts to the good feel chemical called serotonin it brings which stimulates joy in your brai, together with the endorphins which relaxes the heart. A kind of high that you want to have all the time.

Dehydration, growth of bad bacteria in the stomach, carbs loaded diet, low energy, less self- confidence, emotional unwellness, depression, and stress are the common reasons why some crave for sweets.

How can you stop the longing? Choose a healthy alternative like fruits. Fruits are super foods. They are nutritious, they detoxify and are champions in boosting the immune system. Take a walk whenever the feeling sets in. Distract yourself by taking your mind out of it. Follow a regular eating habit. Having a long gap between meals may lead you to fancy for a toffee. Go cold turkey, burn the yearning entirely by focusing on the positive outcome. Imagining yourself looking slimmer, younger, more beautiful, and stronger is a good motivator tool. With this, you may use effective affirmations combined with productive distractions like exercise, movie watching, book reading, singing, dancing, biking, or chat with a funny friend. You can apply these tips to any kind of destructive appetite you wish to change.

For some personalities who cannot do it on their own: Hypnotherapy, life coaching, well-being counselling, nutritional program, are highly recommended. All these services are offered in my center, on-site or on-line. If you need help, you can contact us at info@orissagarden.com. It is our pleasure to be of service for wellness and happiness.





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