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CSF takes first spot in National Achievement Test


(EDUCATION AS TOP AGENDA. Education is Mayor Edwin “EdSa” Santiago’s top agenda in the city, giving support to the teachers, parents, public-private partners, and the whole community in safeguarding the future of the Fernandino children, through “excellent education.”)

Edukasyon ang pangunahing prayoridad ng ating syudad. Mas lalo pa nating paiigtingin ang ating pagsisikap, katuwang ng Division of City of San Fernando, mga guro, magulang, katuwang sa pridabong sektor, at ang buong komunidad sa pagbigay ng karunungan sa mga bata, hindi lang sa akademiko, maging sa iba pang aspeto.”

This was Mayor Edwin “EdSa” Santiago’s remark as another ‘feather in the cap’ is given to the City of San Fernando for its “excellent education.”

In the 2017 National Achievement Test (NAT) for Grade VI, The Division of City of San Fernando was ranked first in Central Luzon, besting other nineteen (19) divisions and 23rd in the Philippines, out of two-hundred sixteen (216) divisions.

With the data, released by the Department of Education (DepEd), through its Bureau of Education Assessment (BEA), CSF capped all the Mean Percentage Scores (MPS) for the Subjects and Skill Areas contained within the 2017 NAT.

Mayor Edwin “EdSa” Santiago has expressed complete gladness that the efforts of the city in creating “excellent form of education” have paved their way, stating, “The results of the test just affirmed that we give our children an excellent education and I owe this to the untiring people who offer their knowledge and love to the Fernandino children.”

Subjects included in the test were Filipino, Mathematics, Science, HEKASI, and English, with three 21st Century Skill Areas each, namely Problem Solving, Information Literacy, and Critical Thinking.

CSF topped the Filipino subject in the region, garnering an MPS of 75.06 in Problem Solving, 56.61 in Information Literacy, and 46.86 in Critical Thinking, claiming the 22nd spot in the Philippines.

In the area of Mathematics where CSF also landed at top spot in the region and at 23rd spot in the country, the MPS are as follows: 43.05 in Problem Solving, 34.98 in Information Literacy, and 41.09 in Critical Thinking.

Joining the roster of “ranks one” for the CSF in the region was the Science subject, garnering an MPS of 35.03 in Problem Solving, 39.79 in Information Literacy, and 30.85 in Critical Thinking, making the city land at 23rd spot in the whole country.

Alongside three aforementioned subjects was HEKASI where CSF acquired 50.02 MPS in Problem Solving, 49.28 in Information Literacy, and 44.27 in Critical Thinking, claiming its fourth top spot in the region and 18th in the Philippines.

The English subject, on the other hand, gave CSF a 2nd spot in the region and 40th in the country, with an MPS of 50.47 in Problem Solving, 46.64 in Information Literacy, and 40.40 in Critical Thinking.

Based on the mentioned subjects, the overall MPS of CSF in 21st Century Skills include 50.73 in Problem Solving, 45.46 in Information Literacy, and 40.69 in Critical Thinking, landing at 1st spot in the region and 23rd in the country.


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