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Covid-19 in ‘Gapo: Confirmed cases now 80


OLONGAPO CITY — The city inter-agency task force chaired by Mayor Rolen Paulino Jr. reported 16 new Covid-19 cases today bringing the total number to 80, 52 of which are active.

Patient number 65 is a 60yearold male from Barangay Sta. Rita, hypertensive with a travel history to San Narciso, Zambales in the last week of July. He developed cough and colds and decreased appetite last August 2, and underwent RT-PCR test which showed positive results.

Patient number 66 to 71 were traced to have contact with an earlier Covid-19 positive, Patient number 48, their co-worker in a private company at the Subic Bay freeport.

Patient number 66, is a 39yearold male from Barangay Kalalake. He had cough and clogged nose last August  11.

Patient number 67, a 35 yearold male from Barangay Sta. Rita. He complained of a mild sore throat.

Patient number 68, is also male from Barangay Sta. Rita, presently asymptomatic.

Patient number 69, is male, 32, from Barangay Mabayuan, and has history of cough and fever on August 3, the same day when Patient number 48 was tested positive for Covid-19.

Patient number 70, is a 28yearold male from Banicain, in stable condition and advised to undergo strict home isolation.

Patient number 71, is a 45yearold male from Barangay Mabayuan who has history of cough and fever with throat discomfort which started August 4. He was put on home quarantine and being monitored by the barangay health center.

Contact tracing done on Patient number 38 resulted to the identification of 18 significant contacts. Out of the total, four private hospital health workers tested positive of Covid.

Patient number 72, is a 23yearold female from East Bajac-Bajac, currently asymptomatic and in stable condition and advised home isolation.

Patient number 73, is a 25yearold female from East Tapinac. Patient number 74, is a 30yearold male from West Tapinac. Patient number 75, is a 35yearold male from Gordon Heights.

Also from Gordon Heights is Patient number 76, a 73yearold female presently admitted in a private hospital. She developed fever last August 11, and underwent chest X-Ray which revealed pneumonia. She was RT-PCR tested on August 12, with the result positive of Covid.
Both males and co-workers of a previous Covid-19 positive case are 51yearold Patient number 77, and52yearold Patient number 78. They underwent RT-PCR test on August 12, their results turned out positive for Covid-19.

Patient number 79 is a 31yearold female from Mabayuan. She had a history of cough and fever whichstarted August 9. She was admitted in a government hospital in the city and underwent RT-PCR prior to her caesarean procedure. The result came out positive for Covid-19.

Patient number 80 is a 32yearold male from Barangay West Bajac-Bajac. He is the son of Patient number 62. He is presently asymptomatic and in stable condition under strict home isolation.

Contact tracing of all those the patients physically interacted with is being undertaken by the city health office.


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