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Count the romantic memories not the calories


WHAT’S BETTER than having your grilled meat with melted cheese dip? That’s exactly what to expect when you visit the Romantic Baboy Samgyupsal Unlimited Korean Grill at the Tech Hub 6 in SM City Clark.

Mall goers will have noticed the budding restaurants in the mall. Romantic Baboy is one of the newest, more notable establishments. The fact that the restaurant is always full – with long queues to boot since day one – shows that it has been well received, capturing the taste buds of the locals.

“Our competitive edge is the quality and taste of the food because we use special marinade and sauces. We off er different dining experience, “cheesier” dining experience like the presentation of our bulpan griller wherein we put kimchi, egg and bestseller cheese around the bulpan while grilling. Also, we give value for money and excellent customer service. Plus a free red rose to every diner after dining to Romantic Baboy,” shared Joy Defensor head of operations.

The marinade in their meat and sauces is divine! For only P499 per head, get unlimited serving of premium cuts of perfectly-flavored pork and beef including eight meat selections – Herb Samgyupsal (thick pork slab with herbs), Woo Samgyup (thin slice beef brisket), Moksal (thick slice pork), Daepe Samgyupsal (thin slice pork), Yangyum Galbi (marinated pork barbeque) , Romantic Bulgogi (marinated beef) , Spicy Beef and Curry Beef.

The grilled meat either dipped in melted cheese or wrapped in lettuce with cream cheese once it gets to mingle in your mouth, ahh, a perfect match!

Set your senses ablaze with the Yangyum Galbi, my personal favorite, sweetness is slowly introduced by the glazed and freshness of the meat is revealed, just enough to fit nicely with the Filipino palate.

What smoke-grilling on stainless versus charcoal griller does to the meat is not evident, but what I do know is that in Romantic Baboy they use stainless griller and the meat is tender and perfectly cooked.

Enjoy all these with their delicious and equally stellar banchan or side dishes like sweet potato, fish cake, coleslaw, pa muchim (scallion salad) and Samgyup staples – soup, rice and lettuce.

Aside from the grilled meat, Romantic Baboy offers other food choices to get you in the mood. Tickle your taste buds with the ala carte menu featuring Korean classics like Bimbimbap, Seaweed Roll, or Kimbab and Ramyun plus refreshing special fruit shakes to balance everything.

Of all the flavorful restaurants hereabout, Romantic Baboy takes premium spot. Striking like Cupid, giving the right balance of classic taste while playfully adding romantic food delight.

For more details visit facebook page Romantic Baboy SM City Clark.

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