Constant change


    The only constant phenomenon in this universe is CHANGE. From philosophers to songwriters, this insight has been cited, elaborated and specified in terms of meaning and relevance to our existence.

    The universe is still in the process of expanding from its big bang origins and/or deteriorating or in atrophy, depending upon your science viewpoint. Our bodies and minds are developing or aging and will ultimately reach an end, at least in this physical world.

    As persons, we may develop and reach a higher level of existence or consciousness, depending upon your religious beliefs. It is clear that we all have to deal with, understand and cope with change in our lives and in our environment.

    The fool of the 15th century was the man who believed that the world was round; the fool of today is the man who believes that it is not.

    Scientific theories are in the process of themselves evolving with still no unified theory to harmonizes all the physical forces. Likewise, religious beliefs and faiths proliferate and continue to split hairs.

    The medieval debate on how many angels can stand on the head of a pin is not so far off from the many religious and philosophical arguments today.

    Political developments are fast shaping up into new and unexpected configurations.

    The events in Europe becoming mainly the European Union, the breakup of USSR Russia, the development into strong economies of the nation states of South Asia, the fast rise of the People’s Republic of China, the indeterminate events governing the Middle East and the start-up modernization of the African nations, are all events which are political variables which have not been accurately forseen in the late sixties( a time when we graduated and entered the workplace).

    A spectacular and very fast change event and impact is the computer and information communication technology. The technical development in transportation vehicles and infrastructure have made the world into one and immediate physical and information access playing field.

    Combined with ICT, the world has become smaller with communication, data, interaction, trade, coordination and research being easier, faster, both homogeneous and heteregeneous, and cheaper.

    Is the Philippines and, in our specific case, the Clark Freeport, aware of this contextual variable in its present and future playing field and horizon?

    Management strategic theory advises that the correct conceptual position regarding change is to adopt an external and internal environmental awareness and scanning  as a preparation for coping.

    The end result is to know and be aware, to understand, to forecast or predict, to  cope with and react, and to intervene or shape the change.

    It is, of course, a given that  understanding the change is just the first part of the strategy process.

    It is a requirent that nations, institutions and organizations have to plan or craft and execute or implement the strategy within the change variables or environment.

    If not, then the resulting situation will become a de facto result and situation. Look at the example of NAIA, the 3 terminals (?), the runway and the surrounding territory.

    It is obvious that the end result has not coped intelligently wih the developments over time. The policies and acts have been reactive and piecemeal.

    There is another risk. Clark Freeport and the DMIA ( Diosdado Macapagal Airport) over the past 14 years or so have been subjected to a lot of master plans. I personally know of at least 4 for CDC and 3 for DMIA/ CIAC.

    It seems these are all rotting in filing cabinets someplace. I have not seen any specific focus or undertaking which seek to utilize and implement any main and critical aspect of these plans.

    Now, they are planning again to spend hundreds of million pesos for new master plans. They must have lots of money. Or they simply like planning. Analysis, analysis, paralysis.

    Or are they just prolonging the “talk” process without “walking the talk.” Shades of Perto! Your billboards may be correct. It is time for a clear intervention to shape and determine the changes in order to achieve the results that are correct.


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