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OFFICERS OF the Angeles City Public Transportation Regulatory Office have been deputized “to apprehend illegal public utility vehicles (PUVs).”

Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin Jr. issued last week Executive Order No. 24 for that purpose, as mandated by Section 444 Paragraph 2 of the Local Government Code of 1991, to wit: The city mayor “shall issue such executive orders as necessary for the proper enforcement and execution of laws and ordinances.”

Lazatin’s EO’s end in view: “Strengthen the enforcement of the city’s traffic ordinances.” Cited in a press release as “City Ordinances Nos 296, S-2011; 307, S-2012; 313, S-2013; 338, S-2013 and 61, S-2011 that were enacted to regulate public and private vehicles within Angeles City.”

A surfeit of traffic ordinances there. All amounting to nothing positively effective, as yet. Yeah, not the least with the Angeles City Traffic Development Office which acronym of ACTDO devolved in (dis)practice into ACTDON’T.

“The saturation campaign will go after PUVs operating without mayor’s permits and other clearances.” So, the press release coming out of the city hall information office declared.

A good start, yes. But way too short of the drive being of the saturation kind, apparently only colorum-driven as it is.

Traffic enforcement goes beyond, way beyond, the apprehension of illegal PUVs plying the streets of the city. It includes the apprehension of “legal” PUVs violating road rules and regulations, like passenger jeepneys loading and unloading wherever they wished, tricycles and motorcycles hogging the inner lanes, utter disregard of traffic signs – from the red light, to the no u-turns, etc.

Cyclists counterflowing traffic and pedestrians unmindful of designated lanes for crossing streets too.

Already deputized to apprehend the illegal PUVs, need the PTRO enforcers be deputized anew to run after traffic violators? Or, is this already effected in those series of city ordinances?

Whatever, start apprehending those scourges of the streets NOW!


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