CCTV in Customs area, Korean translator hired

    CLARK FREEPORT — Clark International Airport Corp. (CIAC) acting president Alexander Cauguiran has installed CCTV cameras in areas occupied by the Bureau of Customs (BoC) within the Clark airport terminal here and ordered the hiring of a translator for Korean tourists who arrive in this freeport at the rate of 400 to 700 per day.

    BoC Port of Clark chief Maritess Martin said the CCTV cameras are already functioning in the Customs area at the terminal following the incident involving Korean tourist Woo Seonkyung who arrived here Feb. 13 and left Feb. 15 amid her allegations of attempted extortion and theft.

    In a forum with the Capampangans in Media Inc. (CAMI) here, Martin insisted Mrs. Woo’s complaint had no basis as her personnel were merely demanding lawful taxes on items worth over P10,000 she was bringing into the country during her arrival.

    Back in Korea, Mrs. Woo reported in her Facebook account that her Filipino sister-in-law in Subic suffered miscarriage arising from the incident with the BoC where she acted as interpreter by phone, as she and her husband Jaekwang Kim who were supposed to fetch the Woo couple upon their arrival here but were allegedly not allowed into the terminal during the argument over the tax.

    CIAC officials, headed by airport operations chief Ritchie Nacpil, visited the Kims in their Subic home after the airport incident, to ensure their well-being.

    In her Facebook message, Mrs. Woo thanked Cauguiran and other officials of CIAC who initiated a probe on her case.

    She expressed “hope that truth shall prevail regarding the current issue about the Bureau of Custom’s bad attitude towards us.”

    “My sister-in-law suffered from stress while in Clark Airport because of the Customs attitude, she lost her 6 months old baby. It’s very hard for us to move on because of what happened. If only they let my family in the Philippines pay the tax on the first day, not delaying the payment and making us coming back and forth for three consecutive days, this will not come up to this point,” Woo said.

    “Thank you for bringing back our trust and confidence,” she said.

    “A lot of Filipinos are kind hearted and hospitable like my family in the Philippines and the Clark Airport Officers but because of people like the Customs Officers, other people or foreigner think diff erent way,” Mrs. Woo also said.


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