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CHR seeks swift probe on lawyer’s killing



CABANATUAN CITY – The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Sunday sought a swift and full investigation on the killing of lawyer Bayani Dalangin, the former barrister of the Public Attorneys Office killed by a hooded gunman in front of his clients in Barangay Poblacion Sur, Talavera, Nueva Ecija last Feb. 28.

The CHR, in a statement, asked local  law enforcement agencies, particularly the Philippine National Police to “hold perpetrators accountable and to prevent reoccurence of such violations.”

Lawyer Jacqueline de Guia said the killing of Dalangin and other lawyers, and number of violent attacks against and extra-judicial killings of lawyers,  demand serious attention and concern from the government and the people.

“These grave threats and attacks impair the ability of lawyers and other members of the justice sector to provide effective legal representation and hamper them to freely exercise their profession,” she said adding that lawyers working on sensitive ang high profile cases face reprisals. 


“Regrettably, the worsening impunity in the country continues to undermine the proper functioning of the rule of law including the right of people to remedies and fair trial,” she said. 

The CHR also called on the government to guarantee the safety and physical integrity of lawyers by providing adequate protection and to be mindful of its international treaty obligations to respect and guarantee fundamental freedoms integral to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Meanwhile, investigators are looking into the cases being handled by Dalangin who turned to private practice after serving PAO.

The lawyers mobile phone was also being checked, according to sources.


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