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CCA to implement hybrid learning to accommodate more students


Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin Jr. checks with CCA OIC-president Dr. Frankie Villanueva progress of school building construction at the campus. Contributed photo


ANGELES CITY — The City College of Angeles will soon implement a hybrid methodology of learning, or the combination of traditional classroom instruction and online learning activities.

This, Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin, Jr. said on Wednesday, is to accommodate “the tremendous growth” in the number of students applying at the city college.

In fact, the CCA has a total of 4,400 scholars at the CCA, a 50 percent growth compared to 2020, with just 3,000 enrolled students.

CCA OIC president Dr. Frankie Villanueva explained that a hybrid learning model is a combination of both synchronous and asynchronous methods to create a flexible learning environment.

“Pagsasamahin po ang traditional classroom instruction and online learning activities. Hybrid classes combine the best of both styles of instruction,” Villanueva said.

With this approach, efforts are being tripled to help more Angeleño youth in reaching their dreams, providing benefits of face-to-face learning with the convenience and flexibility of online assignments and discussions.

Once implemented, Villanueva said, it will address the backlog with the reflux of students, especially now that the construction of the 45 additional classrooms in CCA is ongoing.

To recall, Mayor Lazatin said that he was disheartened that only 2,700 students were accommodated during the entrance exams this year, out of the 4,500 applicants. Of the 2,700, only 1,900 students have enrolled.

Aside from the initiative to implement hybrid learning model and to construct additional classrooms and improve facilities once the face-to-face learning resumes, online courses are seen to be offered at the CCA.

The CCA now offers 13 courses, far from only 3 courses available during its opening in 2010.

“CCA is a home of hope and growth. And we thank the administration of Mayor Lazatin for the continuous support,” Villanueva said.


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