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BM Mylyn: Sustain community pantries, source from local farmers


Farm Produce: Former Lubao mayor and now 2nd District Board Member Mylyn Pineda Cayabyab helps distribute vegetables in a community pantry organized for residents of Barangay San Nicolas in the City of San Fernando. MPC-IG Photo

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – “There is a need to sustain the community pantries especially in areas where there are many people struggling to make a living for themselves because of job losses due to the pandemic.”

Thus, said former Lubao mayor and now 2nd District Board Member Mylyn Pineda Cayabyab as she distributed assorted vegetables, eggs, and bags of rice to community pantries here over the weekend.

The lady board member made as much emphasis to the need to also help local farmers cope with the adverse impact of the pandemic to their livelihood.

“This time is also an opportune moment to buy from sectors who feel the strains of a weakened supply chain,” Pineda-Cayabyab said, calling on donors to the pantries to source their contributions from local farmers and food producers.

The lady board member had been buying in bulk the produce of local farmers and poultry growers since starting her community pantry sorties in remote barangays of Magalang town early last week.

She said that local producers and farmers should be helped by buying their products for various relief and amelioration efforts. — MPC-IG


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