‘Last resort is Green Court’

    ANGELES CITY – “Go to the Green Court as the monitoring on piggeries and poultries obviously failed.”

    Thus said yesterday Bishop Pablo Virgilio “Ambo” David as he urged the Pinoy Gumising Ka Movement (PGKM) and Lola Kontra Amoy (LKA) to file charges before “Green Courts” against poultries and piggeries here and nearby Porac reportedly causing foul odor and serious illness for almost 20 years.

    The Supreme Court (SC) recently created at least 117 Green Courts in the country to handle the complaints against those suspected of polluting the environment.

    David said the monitoring of piggeries and poultries in Porac had failed due to the lack of “sincerity” on the part of the municipal government led by Mayor Condradito “Carling” De La Cruz and other local officials.

    “We haven’t seen concrete action on them after all this time. No monitoring really started,” added David of the environmental group Save Sapang Balen Creek (SSBC).

    David said the PGKM led by its chairman, Ruperto “Perto” Cruz, and the LKA of Porac should file the charges against Porac town officials and other local government units (LGUs) tagged as polluters.

    “It’s not really the piggeries that must be charged but the LGUs. It’s the obligation of the LGU to protect the interest of the majority and the common good,” said David, who described the PGKM and LKA as his group’s partners.

    David said the PGKM and the LKA, a group elderly folk from Barangays Sta. Cruz and Manibaug-Paralaya, will a have a “greater chance” of winning in a green court if they will charge LGU officials.

    David disclosed that a landmark decision in a green court was handed down when a lawyer charged Metro Manila mayors and barangay captains for the pollution of the rivers in the National Capital Region (NCR).

    “The lawyer won the case and this decision alarmed those who dare not stop polluting the environment,” said David.

    He said the green courts do not require “filling fees.”

    Earlier, David joined PGKM, LKA and other residents in the rally against piggeries in at least 20 poultries and 18 piggeries in Porac.

    David said “rallies and monitoring were done and nothing happened.” He added that “courts are the last resort.”


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