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Be hardworking, holy to be successful


BALANGA CITY — The prelate of the Diocese of Balanga enjoined the laity to be hardworking and holy to be successful in life in 2020 and years to come.

“Put into practice the maxim that is ‘nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa’. Do something harder and with honesty. Be faithful and you will be fruitful,” Bishop Ruperto Santos said in his New Year’s Eve message.

Reminding the faithful that only God will make things happen, Santos said: “Have a strong faith in God. Trust God and not certain persons or particular fruits. Have a strong faith to God and He will make things happen.”

He said that fortune or luck in 2020 is not determined by making noises through dangerous firecrackers or the preparation of 12 fruits on the table.

There are beliefs that exploding firecrackers drive away evil spirits and 12 round-shaped fruits prepared the night before the New Year bring good luck for the incoming year.

It is common sight of big throng of people crowding fruit stands especially one or two days before New Year, regardless of the increase in prices.

“Everything happens because of God through His grace and goodness so turn to Him,” Santos said.


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