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Experience BoF’s LoVe


CITY OF SAN FERNANDO — It was a gathering made delightful with entertainment and fabulous displays of modern Filipino beauties from the employees to the shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Pomp and pageantry made Bank of Florida’s (BOF) 55th anniversary celebration at the Laus Event Center here last June 27.

For more than half a century, BOF adhered to its Kapampangan roots as it celebrated its anniversary by holding a Filipino-inspired event focused on the bank’s ring logo inspired by the Kapampangan folk song, “Atin Cu Pung Singsing,” symbolizing the Kapampangans with a promise to its clients to give their best service.

BOF, a rural bank born in Pampanga, now has a total of 18 branches all over Central Luzon. The bank provides personalized services for its clients’ satisfaction making it a positive customer experience particularly supporting MSMEs and gearing them towards economic progress and development.

To cap the event, the late Kapampangan business leader Levy P. Laus was given a posthumous award by the BOF Board of Directors for his service and expertise in the banking and finance industries and entrepreneurship, contributing an essential role in BOF’s success. The award was received by the Laus family.

It was indeed a celebration of LoVe (the L and V there for the Roman numerals depicting 55) marking BOF’s 55th anniversary with an experience anchored on its “singsing” staying true to its Kapampangan roots for its character and caring approach in banking needs.



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