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All in the family


SIBLING SUPREMACY is affirmed anew in the 1st District of Pampanga polls with the triumph of namesakes Carmelo Lazatin – Jon retaining the congressional seat unopposed, and Pogi setting the record of first-ever Angeles City mayor to have garnered 100,000 votes (actually 112,947). The dear lamented Carmelo père could only be on cloud nine.

On the other hand, sibling rivalry took its toll in Sta. Rita – former mayor Art Salalila unseating brother Dagi; and an even heavier impact in Macabebe – Bobong Flores beating sister Annette Flores-Balgan; his son Vince besting her daughter Bembong for vice mayor. A double whammy there.

Siblings-in-law made it in Magalang – Malu Paras-Lacson reclaiming the mayoralty from Romy Pecson, Norman Lacson successfully capping his three terms as vice mayor with the top spot in the municipal council.

Conjugal rule has descended upon Arayat with Madeth Alejandrino ascending to the mayoralty to be vacated by three-term husband Bon, stepping down to the post of vice mayor.

Wife-atop-husband, at least in political positions, is instanced in 4th District presumptive Cong. Anna York Bondoc-Sagum and San Luis Mayor Dr. Jay Sagum.

How about a long-distance relationship taken to the political plane with Marjorie Morales-Sambo elected councilor of Mabalacat City in the 1st District and Johnny Sambo winning over 2019 conqueror Ninang Ronquillo in Sto. Tomas in the 4th District?

Alas, a similar, if closer – intra-3rd District – arrangement failed to materialize in the case of reelected Mexico councilor Trina Dizon and husband Sta. Ana vice mayor Soy Guevarra losing in his mayoralty bid.

Coupling for a political dynasty emerged stillborn in Danilo Baylon falling short in his gubernatorial crusade against what his mentor called “Pampanga’s entrenched dynasty” as well as in his wife Aniway losing big to Mayor Rene Maglanque in Candaba.

The elections past in Pampanga also had a slew of fathers not exactly bequeathing their electoral posts to their scions like the family heirloom it has become hereabouts – being still in the game, but actually rearing them at this early into it.

In the 3rd District, unopposed Rep. Aurelio “Dong” Gonzales spared no expense, er, effort to make his daughter Mica not only win a seat in the sangguniang panlalawigan but to emerge the senior board member with the highest number of votes at 227,603, and his son Brenz taking the top slot in the City of San Fernando council with 82,006 votes. Preparación, says mi amigo.

Reelected Patrol Partylist Rep. Jorge Bustos steered the election of Pampanga’s youngest mayor in Masantol’s Ton-ton Bustos, his 21-year-old son.

Mabalacat City Mayor Cris Garbo has his heir apparent in daughter Win-Win who graduated from city councilor to 1st District board member.

In Sta. Rita, elected along Mayor Art Salalila is his son JR in the sangguniang bayan.

In Floridablanca, reelected Mayor Darwin Manalansan has his son Darren elected in the SB too.

Father-and-son who failed to make the grade are former mayor Ernesto Punzalan, landing third behind reelected Mayor Teddy Tumang, and his son and namesake Jun-Jun ranking 10th for the eight-man council.

Thereby lie the triumphs and travails that have both blessed and beset political kin at each election.

Lose today, win the next time. Or vice versa. Win some, lose some too. Political families have had their share of triumphant hurrahs and mournful whimpers, on the general score. An exception to this distinctly obtains in the Pinedas of Lubao, ever victorious through the years.

Gov. Dennis “Delta” Pineda. Vice Gov. Lilia “Nanay” Pineda. 2nd District board member Mylyn Pineda-Cayabyab. Lubao Mayor Esmie Pineda. Reelected all comfortably, Nanay and Esmie even unopposed, in the recent polls.

Methinks, there can only be goodness – competently and compassionately – in what they have been doing – constantly and consistently – to merit this outpouring of trust and confidence from their constituents. The family that serves better together, gets elected over and over.

Troll me now, anti-dynasts.



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