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Aboitiz’ Economic Estates achieves first and only 5-star BERDE District Certification, leads sustainable development in the Philippines

LIMA Estate by Aboitiz InfraCapital Economic Estates is the largest and only industrial park to achieve a BERDE District Certification with a 5-star rating, the highest rating Philippine Green Building Council (PhilGBC) awards to developments.

Aboitiz InfraCapital (AIC) Economic Estates, a leader in smart and sustainable industrial development, is intensifying its efforts to redefine and develop next-generation industrial estates. Its flagship project, LIMA Estate in Batangas, recently attained 5-star BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence) District Certification from the Philippine Green Building Council, a local standard for assessing and certifying industrial estates’ environmental compliance. This achievement solidifies its leadership position in the industry by becoming the first and only industrial estate in the Philippines to attain certification for sustainability.

“In our relentless pursuit to safeguard the environment and foster resilient communities, we have placed sustainability and smart technology adoption at the heart of what we do,” said Rafael Fernandez de Mesa, Head of Aboitiz InfraCapital Economic Estates. “This way, we are not only transforming our business but also making a positive impact on the environment, our country, and the communities wherein we operate.”

AIC Economic Estates is leading the charge in accelerating decarbonization efforts, utilizing renewable energy sources, and leveraging advanced technologies, data science, and artificial intelligence to optimize operations.

Powering efficient and resilient ecosystem solutions

Upholding best practices in environmental management, social responsibility, and good governance is a key priority for AIC Economic Estates. This is seen through how they are capitalizing on the synergies within the Aboitiz Group to provide self-sufficient ecosystem solutions powered by renewable energy sources and sustainable practices. These have been instrumental in minimizing the environmental impact of various industries throughout their estates in Southern Luzon and Central Visayas.

AIC’s affiliate for water supply and distribution, Estate Water, has contributed to the responsible management of precious water resources by reducing water loss across all Economic Estates. LIMA Water, which operates within LIMA Estate in Batangas, has maintained a non-revenue water (NRW) level below 5% over the past 5 years. The program has been extended to MEZ2 Estate in Lapu-Lapu City and West Cebu Estate in Balamban, both in Cebu, resulting in a significant reduction in NRW.

By leveraging smart water network solutions, AIC has transformed its water facilities into interconnected and intelligent systems, resulting in impressive results for locators. These include a 20% reduction in fuel consumption and a 30% decrease in the budget allocated for repairs. Additionally, the investment in technology allows Estate Water to consistently deliver an average water pressure of 40-50 psi, enhancing operational efficiency for locators and proving the success of the system.

Within MEZ2 Estate, Estate Water manages a centralized water treatment facility recognized by the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Environmental Management Bureau as one of the most consistently compliant treatment systems in Cebu.

Aboitiz InfraCapital Economic Estates’ affiliate Estate Water has achieved remarkable success in reducing water losses across all economic estates located in Southern Luzon and Central Visayas, while also managing DENR-compliant Centralized Wastewater Treatment Facilities.

Furthermore, Enerzone Group, a subsidiary of Aboitiz Power, the Aboitiz Group’s holding company for investments in power generation and distribution, partially sources energy from renewable sources such as geothermal, hydroelectric, and solar. At LIMA Estate, 21% of LIMA Enerzone’s total power generation is derived from renewable sources, while Aboitiz Power’s Retail Energy Supplier (RES) supplies 18 megawatts of renewable energy to the estate’s contestable customers. Capitalizing further on renewable energy sources, found throughout LIMA Estate are roof-mounted solar energy systems generating 17 megawatts of energy.

“We have taken steps towards creating sustainable infrastructure systems. Our goal is to achieve similar results across all Economic Estates by continuously driving a widespread transition to renewable energy and delivering sustainable practices,” explained Fernandez de Mesa.

Accelerating decarbonization efforts

AIC Economic Estates is also at the forefront of advancing sustainable mobility in the Philippines by providing alternative transportation and housing options. MEZ2 Estate has been utilizing electric shuttles and tricycles since 2015, while LIMA Estate recently began operating a fleet of electric vehicles with charging stations for its intra-estate shuttle services. The estates also feature bike lanes and green spaces that enhance walkability and bikeability.

Shifting to electric vehicles as part of Aboitiz InfraCapital Economic Estates’ strategy towards Net Zero Carbon, a fleet of Electric Minibuses is operating the intra-estate shuttle system within MEZ2 and LIMA Estates.

Coupled with the construction of The Pods at LIMA, a sustainable dormitory facility for employees, this pioneering effort is a key component in helping decarbonize LIMA Estate’s transportation system, reducing the need to transport people in and out of the Estate from long distances.

Jolan Formalejo, Vice President for Inventory Generation, stated, “We are excited to expand our electric vehicle fleet and co-living spaces, as well as introduce new initiatives that enhance our smart and sustainable industrial-anchored economic estates. We aim to deeply embed the sustainability mindset throughout our organization and encourage our partners, locators, and host communities to embrace the same standards.”

Aboitiz InfraCapital Economic Estates’ bold stride towards sustainable, smart, and future-ready estates is set to advance the country’s sustainability agenda while driving economic growth, business productivity, job creation, and attracting investments to the Philippines.


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