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Abduction of civilians


OUR CONSTITUION, alongside other laws, guarantee our right to liberty and security of persons.

The Commission on Human Rights then condemns any act that transgresses on these fundamental human rights, such as in the case of the abduction allegedly perpetrated by the New People’s Army, which targeted a barangay chairman, two civilians, and a member of Civilian Active Auxiliary in Barangay Malo, Bansud, Oriental Mindoro.

While the three victims were already reportedly released, a CAFGU member remains to be under their custody. We stress that any form of arbitrary, unlawful taking and confinement is punishable by law, much more so if eventually treated inhumanely and with cruelty. These acts must be pursued to the fullest extent of our laws and ensure that perpetrators be punished in the name of serving justice to all aggrieved.

Murder of epileptic

THE COMMISSION on Human Rights welcomes the order of Ombudsman Samuel Martires to file murder charges against PO3 Gerry Geñalope in connection with an antidrug operation on May 18, 2017 that killed drug suspect Djastin Lopez.

Citing the approved resolution, Lopez is a 23-year-old epileptic who sustained fatal gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen despite being in a position to not defend himself— shutting down claims that he fought back or “nanlaban.” There are also questions on the legitimacy of the operation because of conflicting police reports.

An overused narrative claimed by state agents in the middle of the campaign against illegal drugs, we urge the government to investigate and shed light to thousands of other unlawful aggression (nanlaban) cases and allow the rule of law to prevail. As such, we also remind the State and law enforcers that it is their sworn duty to guarantee that “no person shall be deprived of life, liberty and property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the law.


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