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2,521 PPCRV volunteers in Bataan for polls


Bishop Ruperto Santos


BALANGA CITY – The Catholic Diocese of Balanga will field 2,521 volunteers of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) to watch and assist during the voting, counting and canvassing of votes in the local and national elections Monday in Bataan.

“Our presence and participation for this historic May 9 elections is through our diocesan PPCRV. With hardworking and dedicated volunteers, our help and services are for all, not to a particular person or to a single party,” Bishop Ruperto Santos said Saturday.

“Our PPCRV volunteers will conduct poll-watching, provide voters’ assistance and do proper coordination with our provincial Commission on Elections and Philippine National Police officials. With them, we assure that you can vote. And your vote will be counted,” the Bataan prelate assured.

He said that May 9 is very important and significant and so that we must all go out and vote being our constitutional right and our sovereign duty.

“The Diocese of Balanga cooperates and collaborates with our Comelec officials, Department of Education electoral boards and PNP Bataan. We work and walk with them. We offer our hands to be of help and of service to them. And we fold our hands in prayers for their safety, strength and for their sound health,” the bishop said.

The processes and proceedings of how the local and national elections are solely under the Comelec while the maintenance of peace and order fall under the authority of the PNP, thus, Santos noted, the PPCRV is just the citizen arm.

“Having no police power or judgement call on the procedure of the elections, yet the presence of PPCRV volunteers is very necessary and beneficial to all. Our participation enhances impartiality and deterrent to any sinister plans. We give an aura of morality and credibility,” Santos said.

The bishop who serves as PPCRV Central Luzon episcopal coordinator reminds any supporter of any certain political group to treat PPCRV volunteers with respect, with proper courtesy.

“Let me remind them not to bully, nor intimidate and not to verbally abuse our diocesan PPRCV volunteers. The diocese values and is very responsible to our PPCRV workers. And we will see to it and take those who will abuse verbally and physically, threaten our volunteers accountable,” Santos said.


The bishop made it clear that the diocese is not partisan and just stand, support and side with their PPCRV volunteers. “We will always take care of them, and will defend them against anyone who demean and verbally abuse them.”

To the volunteers, the prelate said the diocese gives its gratitude for their services and sacrifices.

“We acknowledge and much more appreciate your selfless efforts, your gifts of time and talents for this national and local elections. You are truly faithful and fearless followers of Jesus. You are all our hope and hands for God’s glory and for the good of our country,” Santos said.

“As you go out to fulfill your tasks, we accompany you all with our prayers imploring our Almighty God bless you always, keep you from all harm and reward your good deeds a hundredfold.”

“May our beloved Mother whom we lovingly invoke as our Virgen Milagrosa del Rosario del Pueblo de Orani take you under her maternal care and protection,” the bishop concluded with a blessing.



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