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2019 Mutya at Lakan ning San Fernando is a total failure


THE 2019 Mutya at Lakan ning San Fernado was a total mess! Why? First, Mayor Edwin Santiago was not given due honor.

He was not even provided a podium, where he could deliver his speech well.

He was holding his cue card on his right hand and on the other hand his wireless microphone.

They could have made things easier for him, being the father of the City of San Fernando.

Second, the sound system sucks!

Sound systems must deliver high quality sound reproduction to the listener.

It means that the equipment must be suitable for the environment and implemented by someone who understands the compromises involved in large and small room reinforcement systems.

Therefore, certain adjustments would have been made.

We could hardly understand what the host was saying.

Thank God! the host, Ray Maliwat was very articulate and had to put stress on whatever he says.

Third, the lighting – Stroboscopic lights or strobe lights are mainly used on a larger venue.

However, in this case, Heroes Hall is too small for them to use a great number of strobes.

A seatmate even told me if we were part of the presentation, because the regular fl ashes of light striking blinded us.

Then, Punto Central Luzon is the annual component of Mutya at Lakan as a regular media partner!

And we choose the Darling of the Press Award for the Mutya candidate.

I was always tasked to award the Darling of The Press Award.

But during the awarding segment, I asked the people from the tourism Office for the sash, and the bouquet.

Without them knowing it, I dropped by our office days before the pageant and learned that Punto shelled out money for the sash and bouquet.

To my surprise, they told me that the sash would be enough and the cash money.

I got furious! I insisted that Punto gave them money for the sash and the bouquet. Minutes later, I was handed a bouquet.

Was it fair? I don’t think the bouquet was intended for the Darling of the Press winner.

I would presume that bouquet was for another award, had I not raise my voice.

Lastly, the presentation of special awards was divided into two segments.

During the first segment, all the winners were called. Six of them all together in one line.

Then the presenters were also called to present the award alltogether, too.

So, there was a huge confusion on stage on who to present the award to.

With all the winners and presenters on stage it made things all mixed up!

Some of the sponsors were complaining about the mileage.

I heard some of them saying they were not given proper credits during the awarding of special awards.

What have happened to the tourism staff?

Disorganized or disoriented?

I’m afraid Ching Pangilinan has nothing to do with this – neither the organizers.

Not even Toni Legaspi who I think is one of the organizers\director.

So, where could have been the root of all these so-called “kapalpakan”?

Wasn’t it because of the staff – the execution was a total fiasco!

Very disappointing!

However, we are glad to announce that the 2019 Mutya Ning San Fernando is Candidate #5 Rica Gabrienne David while 2019 Lakan is Candidate #6 Christian Paul Garcia.


THE 80’s was a vibrant decade for local music.

It was a glorious era for OPM, and a number of Pinoy songs topped the charts, going head to head with foreign hits.

After almost four decades, what happened to the Pinoy singers behind these now-timeless tunes? Where are they now?

GINO PADILLA: The ‘80s heartthrob first shot to fame through a TV commercial with an international music icon. He was introduced to the local scene by his cousin, singer-actress Zsa Zsa Padilla, and his debut song “Closer You and I” became an instant OPM classic.

Gino scored another OPM hit with “Gusto Kita”, which was part of the album “Shifting Gears” released in 1987. He’s back to managing a family-owned security agency and treats fans to the occasional music gig or TV appearance.

JETT PANGAN: Jett is the frontman of The Dawn, who was behind the hits “Salamat” and “Enveloped Ideas”. He also went on to lead the Jett Pangan Group, which disbanded in 2001. He is also a TV, movie, and theater actor.

He is set to play a serial-killer barber in a local production of a musical thriller this October.

RAYMOND LAUCHENGCO: Raymond first charmed audiences onstage as a child performer. He went on to join mainstream showbiz and rose to stardom—and heartthrob status—as one of the leads in a hit ‘80s teen movie. But he was best known as a sought-after balladeer, with classics “So It’s You”, “I Need You Back”, and “Farewell” in his repertoire.

In the following decades, he has continued to find success as a performer and held concerts all over the world. He is now juggling his career with family life.

LOU BONNEVIE: Lou was known to ‘80s kids as a pop-rock singer. She was also a host and an actress with a knack for comedy.

She went on to head her own production house. She produced, wrote, and performed a number of award-winning hits like “Sa ‘Yo Lamang” and “Tisay”. She also discovered a passion for helping to save the environment. In 2013, she founded Earth Day Jam Foundation that helps spread her advocacy through music.

JAM MORALES: ‘80s kids know Jam as the wide-eyed pop singer of hits like “Even If” and “A Smile In Your Heart”.

She bade her career goodbye and moved to the U.S. to start a family. Jam still makes concert appearances sometimes and has a day job as a voice coach.


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