17 pairs join Lakan at Lakambini ng Bulacan

    PAOMBONG, Bulacan—The search is on for the 14th annual Lakan at Lakambini ng Bulacan pageant which already drew at least 34 young men and women from different towns and cities of the province.

    Winners will be crowned on September 11, in time for the annual Singkaban Festival, a week-long celebration in the province that highlights its arts culture, and history.

     Jose Clemente, founder of the Lakan at Lakambini ng Bulacan pageant, said that they have taller, prettier and smarter candidates this year.

    “We chose to have an open system this year, unlike in previous years when a town’s representative is chosen by the municipal tourism office,’ he said.

    The open system in the annual pageant has drew more candidates as every town or city in the province can have a maximum of five candidates unlike before when only one candidate for every town is allowed.

    “The open system allowed us to have more candidates and now we have better candidates,” he said.

    Clemente added that many candidates joined the search as a stepping stone to the modeling industry.

    “They want to follow the footsteps of candidates in the past who made it to the modeling world like Russel Anderson,” Clemente said referring to one of the winners of the Lakan at Lakambini search in the past.

    For their part, Bianca Louise Manzano of Bocaue town, Andrea Muriel Tormo of Guiguinto town and Darlene Oronce of Hagonoy town said they joined the annual search for personal development.

    They also said that they are also dreaming to become commercial models and joining the annual Lakan at Lakambini pageant is their first step.

    The Lakan at Lakambini pageant dates back to 1997 during the incumbency of Clemente as President of Bulacan Resort Association (BARO).

    The annual search is aimed at empowering the youth of the province by harnessing their talents, enhancing positive values and instilling pride in the Bulakenyo culture and heritage.

    Since its launched in 1997, it became one of the highlights of the annual Singkaban Festival.  


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