World”s largest rooftop solar power facility in a mall at Robinsons Starmills

    (Switch on. Gov. Lilia G.  Pineda, Energy  Secretary  Zenaida Mosada  and City of San  Fernando Mayor  Edwin Santiago  lead ceremonial  switching of solar  power facility  at Robinsons  Starmills with  Tom Pebbles of  Solenergy Phil,,  Robinsons Land  Corp. president  Frederick Go  and company  executives.  Photo by Bong  Lacson)

    CITY OF SAN FERNAN – DO  –  No  Guinness-ap – proval  as  yet  but  none – theless a record was set  Monday  by  Robinsons  Starmills  Pampanga  for  the  world’s  largest  solar  rooftop  installation  on  a  mall.

    Installed  by  Solener – gy Systems Inc., the so – lar  power  facility  at  the  Gokongwei-owned   mall  comprises  10,  880  solar  panels covering 1.75 hect – ares of roof space. The so lar array will harness more  than  2.88  megawatts  of  power during peak hours,  offsetting up to 95 percent  of daytime demands of the  mall.

    The facility is seen to  cut  carbon  dioxide  emis – sion by 2.25 million kilo – grams  –  comparable  to  the  planting  of  100,000  trees or removing 5.5 mil – lion miles worth of carbon  emissions  by  a  car,  ac – cording to Tom Pebbles of  Solenergy Phil.

    For  his  part,  Freder – ick Go, president of Rob – insons  Land  Corp.  said:  “The sprawling design of  Robinsons  Starmills  and  the  wide  open  surround – ing space make it ideal for  a large scale solar power  facility.”

    Go  cited  solar  ener – gy  as  “not  only  sustain – able, but also renewable”  even as he noted contin – ual advancements in solar  panel  technology  which  raises  the  efficiency  and  lowers the cost of produc – tion thereby making solar  plants even more cost effective.

    Furthered  Go:  “So – lar  power  facilities  also  require  minimal  mainte – nance,  do  not  generate  any  noise,  and  produce  no emission as they con – sistently  produce  energy  for at least 25 years.” 

    As  added  bonus,  Go  said  solar  panels  act  as  shield against the heat of  the sun, making the mall  cooler and lowering its en – ergy consumption.

    “With these solar facil – ities,  Robinsons  Land  is  showing  its  commitment  to  the  environment  by  building  a  greener  future  and helping in the reduc – tion of greenhouse gases  in  the  atmosphere,”  said  Go.

    Aside from Robinsons  Starmills Pampanga, Rob – insons Angeles is also in – stalled with a solar power  facility which, Go said, “is  our way of giving back to  the  community  and  con – tributing  to  local  govern – ment’s  similar  thrust  of  helping the environment.”

    “As a responsible cor – porate citizen, Robinsons  Land is continuously looking for ways to adopt sus – tainable  practices  and  minimize  its  carbon  foot – print by steadily shifting to  the use of renewable en – ergy,” Go said.

    Leading  the  ceremonial switching of the solar  power  facility  at  Robin – sons Starmills were Gov.  Lilia  Pineda,  Department  of  Energy  Secretary  Zenaida  Monsada,  City  of  San Fernando Mayor Ed – win  Santiago  and  Vice  Mayor Jimmy Lazatin and  Go.


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