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What is a teacher?


TIRING, exhausting, taxing. These descriptors would indeed fit the definition of the world of teaching. Since there are so many things to do and tasks to accomplish, oftentimes find ourselves burnt out and sometimes stressed.

However, amidst all the things that are mentioned above, why are there still many who are attracted to engaged in the teaching profession? Why would you still witness seasoned teachers who stayed in their profession for two to three decades? Why would you still see passionate teacher with a smile?

Well, because all the sacrifices that teachers experience are all worth it because of the many perks in the teaching profession that no other work could match. The fact that we do not merely build machines but something fulfilling.

Teaching indeed provides satisfaction and meaning in our lives. Teaching is the opportunity to love and to be loved. The learners that we teach are like our own children, this, our relationship with them does not end after a school year. It extends beyond. We establish friendship and upon seeing them grow, we become one of the proudest next to their parents.

Teaching is having a stable life. Though we live simplicity as there is no money in teaching as they say, still, our profession could sustain our needs and even our wants. The many benefits we gained are indeed worth to build a family where hunger shall not exist.

Teaching provides us time for the family. Though many tasks to accomplish, I am sure that educators who manage their time well could say that they gave a lot of time to spend with their loved ones as Saturday is a free day for us unlike other jobs, and of course the summer and Christmas break that we get to enjoy every year.

With many perk of teaching, it cannot be denied that is indeed rewarding to be a teacher. Thus, many teachers, though many tasks to accomplish could manage to smile. It is because they enjoy what they do, and of course, love what they do, which is of course the most important factor to last in our chosen profession.

Cynthia S. Dizon
Teacher III
Mexico Elementary School
Mexico South District

(Unsolicited contributions here are unedited, unabridged, as is. Errors in grammar, syntax, etc, solely the writer’s. — Editor)


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