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Villar template: Preaching protection, doing destruction


“THE FACT that they are called protected areas should already warn people about their importance. They are the natural habitats of wildlife, which should not be damaged or destroyed, but protected instead, not only for the animals’ sake but for our sake as well.

Thus, Sen. Cynthia Villar raised the imperative of protecting natural habitats for wildlife by the stricter implementation of environmental laws.

Belaboring her point further: “We need to not only create awareness about biological diversity, but to take action about its protection because any damage or loss will cost too much for a country such as ours. There is so much at stake and we become vulnerable to the adverse side effects if we do not commit to taking care of our environment.

And segued to the connection if not the causality between wildlife destruction and virus outbreak: “The more natural habitats we protect, the lesser the loss in biodiversity and the better it is for wildlife. In turn, there are less chances or risks from zoonotic diseases. Wildlife protection can stop another virus outbreak or even a pandemic. That is more than enough encouragement or incentive for us to do our part.

Well said. Words truly worthy of the Senate committee on environment and natural resources chair. That was June 6, 2020.

BAGUIO CITY Vista Residences Inc., a Manila-based developer started cutting 53 old growth pine trees and one Norfolk fir over the weekend of June 20-21 at Outlook Drive behind the presidential mansion house.

A special private land timber permit No. CAR-58-2020 was granted to VRI during the pandemic. It was signed by Jim Sampulina, DENR undersecretary for field operations and Muslim affairs.

VRI is under Vista Land, which has former Sen. Manuel Villar Jr as board chairman. Villar’s wife, Senator Cynthia Villar, is now the chairperson of the Senate committee on environment and natural resources

So Rappler reported June 27, 2020.

From calls of protection to actual destruction all in a matter of 21 days. That was a quick turnaround Madame Senator.



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