UniTeller and Paykii Enable International Bill Payments


    UniTeller, the Cross-Border Payments provider has announced the addition of its latest new cross border bill pay service by signing an agreement with Paykii Inc. (Paykii), the leading International bill payment provider. The agreement will enable UniTeller and its digital uLink (ulinkremit.com) customers to directly pay electricity, phone, internet, cable, water, and gas bills back home in Mexico and in the Philippines.

    Alberto Guerra, CEO of UniTeller stated “We are committed to placing our customers at the center of what we do, addressing their needs through our service and product offerings. With this new international bill pay service, it will be easier for our customers to pay for the expenses of their loved ones back home”.

    Nelson Irizarry, Co-Founder/COO of PayKii stated “We are enthusiastic about partnering with UniTeller, a digital innovative leader in the industry introducing this service for the first time to individuals living in the U.S. PayKii’s simple and secure cross border bill pay platform will enable Uniteller and uLink users to pay utility & other government billers in Mexico, the Philippines and other countries in a reliably and timely way, ensuring peace of mind for their families back home.”

    With Paykii, UniTeller’s uLink users will now be empowered to verify real-time balance inquiries, have more visibility and control on how their funds are being spent, and the peace of mind that comes with taking care of their families back home.

    About UniTeller Financial Services Inc.

    UniTeller Financial Services Inc. is a Cross Border Payments Company based in the United States and one of the market leaders offering Cross-Border Payments Processing Services. With an extensive network of more than 140,000 paying locations worldwide, UniTeller offers coverage throughout Mexico, Latin America, and Asia. To find out more about UniTeller, visit www.uniteller.com.

    About Paykii

    Paykii is the world’s foremost global bill payment hub. It provides a B2B technology solution to money transfer operators (MTOs), banks and mobile money operators that enables their customers in one country to directly pay expenses for their family members back home making quick, simple and safe payments for electricity, water, internet, telephone, mobile, cable, satellite and other necessary utilities in their home country. Paykii’s services are currently available for making utility bill payments to Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines and Vietnam. For more information visit www.paykii.com.


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