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Union thanks CDC brass for prompt action on pay scale row


CLARK FREEPORT – Officials and members of the Association of Concerned CDC
Employees (ACCES) thanked the management of Clark Development Corp. for the
immediate action of the state-owned firm in maintaining status quo on the
compensation package, allowances, benefits, and incentives (ABIs) of CDC

In a statement issued by the union on July 9, ACCES president Edsel Manalili said
the union recognizes the efforts and prompt action of the CDC management to
resolve the workers’ plight.

“ACCES acknowledges the immediate action of CDC management to maintain the
existing compensation package of employees including allowances, benefits, and
ABIs that would have been reduced or discontinued outright under the
Compensation and Position Classification System (CPCS),” Manalili said.

Manalili also mentioned that the management’s move on filing the motion for
reconsideration on the CDC’s CPCS issued by the Governance Commission for
GOCCs (GCG) a welcome development for the employees.

“CDC management’s motion for reconsideration filed before the GCG is a huge
step towards clarifying – and rectifying – an unjust compensation package for
employees who have served for more than 20 years in the corporation, some of
them since its inception in 1993,” Manali added.

While the status quo provides a temporary relief to the employees, the union
president stated that they are also looking forward to the management’s
immediate and appropriate action on other concerns expressed by employees.

“Be that as it may, the “status quo” is only a temporary relief until such time that
the GCG has made its decision. The issues with regard to the shift from SSS to
GSIS, years-long employment of project-based employees, payment of
accumulated compensatory time off, and disapproved sick and vacation leaves
remain. These issues have also been raised at the proper venue,” he said.

ACCES members are also hoping for the release of their 2020 Performance-Based
Bonus (PBB) and Personal Economic Relief Allowance (PERA), which would help in
easing their financial woes in facing the rising prices of oil and basic commodities.
“It is our hope that in the midst of employees’ financial difficulties aggravated by
the rising prices of basic commodities, CDC management will also exert all efforts
to facilitate the release of the much-delayed 2020 PBB and PERA,” the union said.

Meanwhile, Manalili expressed optimism that the CDC management and the
union will work together to resolve the issues and concerns raised by the

“Working together, we are confident that a peaceful and equitable resolution of
the issues raised by ACCES to the CDC management can be achieved. This can
best be accomplished when the provisions of our collective bargaining agreement
are respected and implemented accordingly,” he added. Press release


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