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Tripool solves mobility woes in Taiwan


TAIPEI, Taiwan – Mobility problem in this bustling city is never a concern with a web-based solution founded by two friends.

“Tripool” with business name “Round Taiwan Round” can easily be accessed at its website:www.tripool.app.

Founded by childhood friends James Huang and Grant Lee in 2011 with a capital of NT$10 million web-based mobility solution is easy to use.

Passengers can book a reservation one day before by opening the Tripool website and inputting the pick-up and drop-off points from the Google map and immediately get the price, travel time, distance and even the price comparison which is usually 50 percent lower for mid to long range rides.

By selecting the pick-up time, the driver can reach a period before or after 15 minutes.

But the most convenient for passengers is they can pay by credit card and avoid other charges.

Judy Tang, marketing director of Tripool, said there is no need to tell the driver where to go since it was already inputted by the passenger in the web.

This somehow solves the language barrier and the costly charter service, she said.

Huang said Tripool is especially suitable if a passenger only wants to transfer from one hotel to another or just need a couple of hours of service since hiring a driver for a full day is a waste of money.

There are also some hidden fees in hiring a driver such as driver’s meals, tips etc.

Lee said Tripool enables you to customize your itinerary for a more relaxed Taiwan experience.

Tripool started with 200 plus drivers with planning services and travel specialists that can even help passengers customize their itinerary.

He said two passengers hiring a taxi from the Taoyuan Airport to a hotel in Taipei would cost NT$1,200 for 40 minutes, a train ride would cost NT$550 for 80 minutes, a bus ride would be NT$250 for 150 minutes.

But with Tripool, two passengers from the airport to a hotel in Taipei costs NT$350 for 40 minutes travel including the amenities of a chartered service.

Huang said sending tourists to anywhere in Taiwan is guaranteed.


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