This is not about popularity

    CABANATUANCITY – The businessman running mate of Gov. Aurelio Umali belittled popularity as a tool to win the forthcoming local elections over the weekend.

    Gay Padiernos,  who is running for vice governor under the Unang Sigaw Partido ng Pagbabago (USPP) expressed his determination to win over incumbent Senior Board Member Rommel Padilla, a brother of Robin and ‘BB Gandanghari’ in the May 2010 election.

    “This is not about popularity,” he said.

    This is about competence and the ability to make a difference in the lives of majority of Novo Ecijanos,” said Padiernos.

    “With all due respect to my political opponent, “Padiernos said, “I am offering my services to the electorate because I firmly believe that I can deliver the basic services Novo Ecijanos need, of course in partnership with my good friend, Governor Umali, minus the in-fighting in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan,” he said.

    Padilla is the running mate of Vice Gov. Edward Thomas Joson who is vying the governorship against Umali.

    Padiernos said the provincial government under Umali can best achieve its goal with an ally presiding the Sangguniang Panlalawigan or provincial board.

    “How can our beloved Nueva Ecija move forward if the governor and the vice governor are like a house divided against itself?” Padiernos asked.

    He said that he is just trying to help the incumbent administration succeed in its goals of developing the province by passing its legislative agenda.

    He said it would not bring harm to Novo Ecijanos to try him. “If you are not satisfied with me or with my performance, then the next time around, don’t go for me,” he said.

    Padiernos also said that while he is also counting on the new-found and so-called Umali magic, he has a grassroots organization of his own and not totally dependent on the governor.

    He also brushes aside insinuations he is a now-you-see-him, now-you-don’t type of politician, referring to aspirants who appear during the election period and disappear from sight right after, particularly after a futile electoral battle.

    He said Novo Ecijanos have become more mature, more discerning and more appreciative of candidates “and are only too willing to ditch or reward them come reelection time.”

    He cited former starlet Barbara Milano who was top-notcher among the councilors wannabe in 2004 but ended up ninth and outside of the Magic 8 in 2007 in her hometown Talavera.


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