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TMC-Clark provides free lodging, transpo to frontliners


CLARK FREEPORT — Prioritizing the safety and security of its healthcare workers, back office frontliners, and the community as a whole, The Medical CityClark together with its community partners is providing temporary lodging and transportation services to all its frontline personnel that have been greatly affected by the enhanced community quarantine.

According to the TMC-Clark frontliners, some healthcare workers especially the highrisk ones who are assigned to units with Covid-19 positive patients prefer not to go home to protect the health of their families and spare them from the potential stigma of their community where they reside including the discrimination they experience from their boarding houses or barangays.

Shuttle buses provided by Holy Angel University. Contributed photo

In accordance with the guidelines set by the Department of Health, TMC-Clark has arranged proper accommodation to its back office staff at a hotel in this freeport while its frontline healthcare workers were allotted with a lodging space facility that was provided by the Clark Development Corp. Shuttle buses are also provided by Holy Angel University and Widus Hotel as a temporary interim transport service to and from the hospital.

TMC-Clark assures that the lodging layout and the social and physical distancing measures are strictly being followed.
TMC-Clark ensures the safety and security of its healthcare workers and back office employees by providing them food as well as appropriate accommodation and transportation services which will be provided within the duration of the enhanced community quarantine.


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