Tight fight in Bacolor

    There is no free lunch as the cliché goes. In the coming 2010 national and local elections, all the wannabes are preparing enough funds to sustain their campaign until the “E Day.” And most often than not, those who have sufficient logistics and resources end up as winners. This is reality in Philippine politics.

    But aside from the funds, of course the candidate’s machinery that composes his leaders and leg workers actually does the hard work. Given enough support, the candidate’s political machinery will smoothly work like an engine that is oiled and maintained well. In a local election, this is always a fact.

    In the third district, where a huge bulk of Pampanga’s voters were registered, the mayoral fights are always interesting and exciting. Among all the towns in the third district, Bacolor has the least number of registered voters with only at least 45,000. Although it is the most anticipated mayoral fight in the coming elections. There are four wannabes in the area. Incumbent Vice Mayor Diman Datu, former Board Member Dinan Labung, businessman Jomar Hizon and Ron Dungca, the son of incumbent Mayor Buddy Dungca.

    At a glance, among all four candidates, Labung, Hizon and Dungca have the logistics and resources to fund their campaigns while Datu is a poor fourth. But in terms of people’s support, popularity and available machinery, Dungca, Hizon and Datu will most likely have an edge against Labung. As an engineer and a developer, Labung has been working with the private sector for more than six years. He ran against Rep. Dong Gonzales for the third congressional district post but lost in the 200 elections. Although he has en experience in public service being a two-time board member in the past, Labung will be needing enough time to build his machinery at this point in time to get at par with his possible opponents. He is a native of Bacolor but six years outside the political arena is too long a slumber. So my advice to our dear friend, Sir declare now or never. Build your line-up as soon as possible and establish your machinery before it is too late.

    As for Hizon, it is perceived that the Pampanga’s Best empire of the Hizon clan will win him enough votes to make him mayor of Bacolor. However, this still remains to be seen. He may have the money and the supposed supporters, but company employees are sometimes not necessarily equivalent to voters. Also, the alleged infighting among the families of Cabalantian, Bacolor adds doubt on the strength of the Hizon camp. There are talks that the family is divided as a spillover due to business competition. So there you have it, even among families, business is still business. Even if Cabalantian is supposed to be a Hizon turf, still the chances for block votes are minimal.

    As for Diman, he may have served three terms as mayor of Bacolor. He may have loyal supporters but the reality remains that he was known as a close aide and ally of Mayor Buddy Dungca. He will always be branded as the “second man,” always the bestman but never the groom. So it is really hard for him to convince everyone that he is apt for the post.

    And for Ron Dungca, the youngest wannabe, people will always be sceptical about his age. Like other young political leaders, his wisdom and competence will always be doubted aside from the fact that he will be using his father’s machinery and resources. But the rules of the game do not change. His father’s strength is his strength – a fact no one can dispute. Hs father’s people are his people. His father’s name is his name. As for his age, he can actually turn it into an advantage given the fact that majority of the voting populace are about his age. The youth are more active and are more aware of their government rather than in the past.

    The young generation will surely relate with Ron Dungca. And as a person who was taught and oriented with business and management, he could survive the bureaucratic systems as long as he ends up as good manager. As soon as he survives the elections, he has all the time to explore and learn more even as he already had the training from his father.

    Besides, the young leaders are very well acceptable nowadays. They are pro-active, more dynamic, more nergetic and always with fresh ideas. US President Barack Obama, Sen. Chiz Escudero, Gov. Villafuerte of Camarines Sur, Sen. Miguel Zubiri, and more. Among all the candidates, Ron is at an advantage. So the fight is very stiff. Good luck to all the wannabes.


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