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The harmful consequences of negativity


DO YOU know that negative thoughts could be the culprit of your unexplainable tiredness and feeling of weakness, not from your strenuous activities or illness?

Gloomy thoughts deplete the immune response: It also affects our physical, mental and emotional state. As a matter of fact, a research was made in Australia regarding the matter and the conclusion was that people with high level of pessimism were more likely to suffer from cardiovascular issues, brain malfunctions, digestive disorders, depression, physical weaknesses, anxiety, personality disorder, which made recovery from a sickness more challenging than those with a positive mindset. They are also more likely to acquire chronic sicknesses and have shorter life span.

Negativity could be an acquired behavior, a result from traumatic incidents, from frequent criticisms encountered in the past, and feeling of rejection resulting to insecurities, low self-esteem, anger, resentment, and sadness.

This dubious sentiment is as dangerous as cancer. Those who are afflicted usually turn to substance abuse, alcohol drinking, overeating, isolation, and even lead to suicide.

Negative thinking causes the brain to not see the truth. Life experiences come into play when these personalities make decisions and it’s apparent in their hostile behavior.

Our bodies are designed perfectly. On stressful occasions, a healthy system releases a steroid hormone called “cortisol” that compels the body to be more aware, alert, and focused.

To experience how the body reacts to positivity and negativity: Stand up and think of a scenario that made you extremely happy. Keep the feeling with you for a few seconds, thereafter, try to touch your toes. Next, think of a moment that made you feel angry or disappointed, keep that sensation in your chest and try to touch your toes again. Were you able to get closer to your toes when you were feeling good than when you were not?

If pessimistic habits can condition the self, so thus positive ones. To overcome negativity, observe your mind. Are you always suspicious, worried and tense? Meditate. Sit and calm yourself by taking gentle yet deep conscious breathing. On your exhalation, release all the strain together with your breath. Release the tightness sitting within that hinders your glow and let go. Do this for 5 minutes in the morning and before bed time, so you can steer away from negatives thoughts.

Consider practicing the powerful self-talk or commonly known as body talk method. Whereas you become aware of what you say at all times. This is to make sure that what you say comes from a positive space each time. Do it regularly, until it becomes your nature. The body can hear what you say about yourself and others. It will respond in accord to what was suggested. It’s similar to the law of karma. What you sow is what you reap. Be watchful.

Follow a healthy diet. There are some foods that prompt the blood pressure to go up, like red meat & spicy foods which are also hard to the digestive functions. They build up heat in the body. Blood on fire gives birth to quick annoyance. Eat more fresh foods to balance the elements in your system.

Exercise relieves stress and tensions in the body. As a matter of fact, it is a great stress outlet. Engage religiously in activities that foster enjoyment.

Sleep deprivation raises levels of anxiety. When the brain is not well rested, dispositions and judgments get cloudy. Temper flares up easily. Disharmony is certain. Adopt a regular sleep pattern.

Have a kiss from the blazing sun every morning. The vitamin D from the solar rays supports bone health, betters mental wellness, and shepherds confidence.

Spend time with people who uplift your spirit and who truly value you. Get infected by these carriers of optimism who make you see the glass half full. See how enlightened and contented you feel after being with this happy bunch.

If no one is loving you, start loving you. Treat yourself to a good massage or a nice movie. Don’t wait for others to praise you. Praise yourself and affirm all things that make you cheery. Realize that self-love is not a sin but a way of recognizing that you are important too.



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