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The 21st century learners


AS TIME passes by, many things do change and in order for us not to be left out, we must be able to adopt and embrace them.

One of which are the attitude of learners that we cater. Many seasoned teachers would highly agree that the learners before have different attitudes when compared with the millennial learners or the 21st century learners.

For, our learners today are more dynamic and independent. Thus, educators are bound with more challenges and create more innovations in order to meet their demands and expectations.

For us to do this, we must able to identify their needs and interests so we could teach according to how they shall be motivated the most.

First, let us not forget the fact that they are well-versed when it comes to technology. Most of their time is maximized in utilizing their gadgets, tablets and iPads for games, cellphones for chatting and social networking.

Thus, let us take this as an advantage. Let them use these technologies for their academic endeavors. They would be more interested because they know they are in it.

Next, our learners are dynamic and inquisitive. They love to explore lots of things in and out of their shells. So instead of spoon feeding them with information, they could learn best by letting them discover on their own. Let them move and give them the opportunities to explore and have an experience that will benefit their well-being.

Also, our learners are more exposed with things that happen around them. Thus, they are easily bored to the things they already know. Their inquisitive minds lead them to seek more adventures and challenges. Truly, we must be creative enough to provide them with new things that would make them think and productive individuals.

Lastly, our learners are the most important clientele in the education system. Therefore, we must teach them well to be able to provide themselves with learning that will satisfy their hunger for knowledge. Competencies are achieved when they are taught well.

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