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Tanggalin ang news and public affairs


KUNG AKO, kunwari tanggalin muna ‘yung news and public affairs. Not because ma-influence ‘yung committee. Not because we want to curtail press freedom. Pabayaan muna ‘yung shows na non-political.

Katulad ngayon, nagrereklamo ‘yung isang kasama ko. O naka-air naman sila. Tinira si ganito. Tinira si ganyan. Or one sided ‘yung paglabas ng issues. Talagang, yung news and public afairs ‘yun nagiging problem as of now muna ‘yung shows na muna na non-political.

Kung pwede papayagan muna ‘yung mga programs para naman ‘yung mga tao, hindi mawalan ng trabaho. ‘Yun ang bottomline sa akin. We can take our time to decide. But as long as people have work. People can survive.

AnaKalusugan Partylist Rep. Mike Defensor on ‘Wag Po! One PH online show

The target is not just ABS-CBN but media

THANK YOU, party-list Rep. Mike Defensor for confirming what practically everyone knows but which this government and its minions have vainly tried to deny, that the shutdown of ABS-CBN and the circus that has become of the House hearings into the network’s franchise are, indeed, a press freedom issue.

Defensor has been quoted in news reports as suggesting the network do away with its news and public affairs component and limit its broadcast only to “shows na non-political.”

Now, why would the vice chairman of the committee on good government and public accountability even entertain the thought of removing the watchdog component of ABS-CBN if not to remove a vital mechanism for ensuring good governance and accountability? Not to mention this would practically negate the network’s chances of returning on air as it would violate the Broadcast Code of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas, Article 1, Sec. 2 of which states: “News shall be part of a station’s daily programming. No less than 30 minutes of daily programming should be devoted to news.”

It becomes increasingly clear that putting the squeeze on ABS-CBN is aimed at emasculating the media by holding up the network as an example of the fate that could await other outfits that insist on being true to their watchdog role and maintaining their independence.

We call on the leadership of ABS-CBN and all other news organizations to resist these efforts to force media into subservience.
We call on our colleagues in the community of independent Filipino journalists to close ranks and defend the freedoms and rights that allow us to fulfill our mandate of serving the people’s right to know.

We call on the Filipino people to stand with the critical and independent Filipino media in defense not only of our collective rights and freedoms but of democracy itself.
National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, June 28, 2020


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