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Summer fun at Sky Ranch Pampanga


Experience an enjoyable summer fun at Sky Ranch Pampanga, the first amusement park and the coolest destination for both local residents & tourists in the North of Luzon.

Featuring various attractions such as rides and games, the Sky Ranch Pampanga houses the tallest and biggest Ferris wheel in the Philippines with 65 meters in height and 50 meters in diameter. At the top, have a glimpse of the breathtaking view of the Mt. Arayat inside the comfort of the air-condition gondolas.

Kids at kids at heart will have a magical ride experience with the classic favorite ride of all time, the Double Decker Carousel. Feel like a princes and princesses riding magical horses and carriages beautifully designed by Peter Petz Productions of Germany which are pre-dated by 100 years and gives it a classic feel. Kids will also have a delightful air balloon designed flight with Wonderflight that rotates from down to up in a fast movement and the Field Runner – a kind of roller coaster that offers enough space to accommodate the whole family which added an extreme feeling but still a suitable ride for kids.

Adrenaline junkies, we got you covered too! Enjoy an exhilarating ride of the Loop Roller Coaster that completes a 360 degree loop; Super Viking is an open seated gondola which swings up to 90 degrees, back and forth; Space Shuttle swivels with three Cycle going to the Right and three cycle going to the left; Drop Tower is a thrill ride towering 40 feet high that slowly lift passengers to the top then releases to free fall down that intensifies the excitement; Sky Cylcle is pedal-powered bike going around the Ferris wheel overlooking the whole park.

Race and bond with your friends with the newest ride at Sky Ranch, Nitro Drift. While Bike My Way and Travelscoot are added attractions that will surely make strolling in the park an enjoyable one.

Explore the great outdoor as visitors of all ages are welcome inside the park to have fun with games too – booths for extreme basketball, stick a card, ring toss, lobster pot and spin a wheel, where park guests can bring home stuffed toys and other prizes.

Check out ride-all-you-can passes & ride vouchers from Metrodeal, Shopee and SM Tickets. Remember to only buy your passes from official websites and carefully read through the fine print before purchasing.

To fully enjoy the safe space, always wear face mask when inside the park premises.

Sky Ranch Pampanga is open daily from 12NN to 9PM. For more details, please call (045) 963 7681 to 85 or (02)712 8015. Follow the Facebook Page via www.facebook/SkyRanchPampanga



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