Sen. Lapid’s son eyes vice governor position

    ANGELES CITY – The youngest son of Sen. Manuel “Lito” Lapid has announced his bid for Pampanga vice governor in 2013 barely four months after the last local election.

    In an interview at The Courtyard here, Meynard Lapid said he had visited Gov. Lilia “Baby” Pineda to congratulate her after she won and also informed her about his plan to run for vice governor.

    “I am hoping that governor will make me his runningmate in the next elections,” Meynard said.

    But the younger Lapid said he will pursue his political plan in the province even as an independent candidate if Pineda will not choose him as her runningmate.

    “What’s important is that I got the blessing of my father,” said Meynard. Sen. Lapid is a former vice governor and undefeated governor of Pampanga. He was recently re-elected as senator.

    Vice Gov. Joseller “Yeng” Guiao is on his third and last term and “this scenario is good and tempting for aspirants,” said deng Pangilinan, chairman of the Mabalacat Water District.

    “Everyone has the right to serve in government so let’s give them a chance. Anyway, the people will decide on their fate and performance,” he said.

    Talks among the members of the Pampanga Mayor’s League (PML) disclosed that two of their members – both three-term mayors – want to run for vice governor in 2013.

    They are Mexico Mayor Teddy Tumang and Candaba Mayor Jerry Pelayo.

    Asked about the plans of Lapid to run for vice governor, Tumang said “the more, the merrier.”

    He has yet to categorically declare his intention to seek the vice governor post.

    Pelayo, for his part, said “he is more focused in serving as mayor and PML president.”

    He added that “retirement from politics is also a consideration.”


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