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Raining perspective


FOR PEOPLE like me who lives in the mountain where water shortage has always been a concern, the arrival of the rainy season is truly a great blessing – like Santa Claus stopping by on a summer’s day dropping manna from above.

As most of us know, rain washes away bacteria, viruses, dust, pollutants floating in the air. Which means, the water that lands on the ground or any surface contains contaminants that cause sickness and damages. Harmful to those who get exposed to it. 

I still vividly remember when I was a little child, me and my siblings used to play under the rain and we were just fine, each time afterwards. Unfortunately, nowadays, whenever drops of rain hit my head, surely the next day I will feel feverish and ill, if I don’t take a shower right away.

Our environment changed a lot over the years, the same goes with my perspective about it. Before, when the sprinkle from the sky starts pouring, my heart tremendously glees with joy. I even tried to catch some drops in my mouth to taste the precious sweet nectar from the heavens. But now, when I hear the drizzle taking over, I mindfully protect myself by avoiding going out so it doesn’t touch my skin and get me into trouble. 

Reflecting on these circumstances, the trees, plants, and animals, even non-living things are for sure affected by it in an unpleasant way. Just the way it affected me. 

As a matter of fact, according to research, the rainwater unsafe level of PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances), popularly called the “forever chemicals,” already exceeded the safety line. These poisonous chemicals don’t break down. A dilemma that the population will face eventually, if not addressed right away.  

Just last year, while I was in Kathmandu,Nepal in the month of June, for three weeks every single day, I was openly out in the rain performing the sacred “kora” while chanting my mantras around the Boudhanath Stupa. After the routines, I headed straight back to the hotel where I was staying in. Drenched and exhausted, I changed into my pajamas quickly soon as I got to my room and crashed to my small cozy bed, forgetting all about the bath. I thought I would be sick the next day after this unmindful act. Luckily, I was perfectly alright. Which puzzled me that moment. I continued the practice for three weeks, with no worries.

From that simple experience, I learned something worthy. I realized that the rain is a blessing if it’s pouring from a clean space and a tragedy if it’s coming from a contaminated atmosphere. 

My mother used to tell my brothers to take a bath immediately when they get wet from a downpour. Her worry was that they might catch cold from it. Though it is true that exposure to cold may cause a flu, in reality part of it is because of the toxins present in the water.

Now that the rainy season is very much around, let’s be cautious and heighten our awareness by wearing proper water-resistant clothes that could protect our entire body, especially the head. Take Vitamin C, Zinc, B-Complex, D3, and probiotics to empower your immune response. Make it a habit to cleanse your hands often with an effective sanitizer or wash with natural soap.

Sitting on my bed facing the crystal-clear window, I see the shining trickles dancing enchantingly. Its captivating hypnotic sound made me sleepy. 

The physical component of the glorious rain may have been exploited by man, but its powerful soul of purity that soothes the broken and the wounded has remained the same.



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