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Propriety, not discrimination


I BELIEVE if you have the male parts you go to the males’ bathroom, and if you have the female parts you go to a ladies’ room and that’s just the way we were raised.

I have the utmost respect for LGBQT community but we also demand respect for our privacy. Safe space for natural women is paramount. And, it’s not about discrimination but it’s about propriety.

Sensationalizing Diez’s demand for acceptance will not help either especially when someone has lost a living because she was protecting women’s rights to privacy and safety.

Let’s understand first what is a transgender? A person whose sense of identity does not correspond with their birth sex – for instance, a man who, despite having male genitalia, feels he is a woman – is considered transgender.

Emphasis on “male genitalia”… a simplistic understanding to keep things in perspective.

(Actress Vivian Velez on the transwoman Gretchen Diez bathroom incident)

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