Pogi Lazatin launches website

    ANGELES CITY – “Public accountability, transparency and open dialog with the constituency.”

    With those set goals, re-electionist City Councilor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin, Jr. launched on Monday his own website.

    Lazatin said “universal access” to the internet has changed the manner by which the people acquire information about the government and its officials.

    “I’m also active on social media so I see firsthand how citizens eagerly participate in civic discussion using this medium,” said Lazatin.

    “At the same time, public officials need to keep up with the times and explore new avenues with which to reach their constituents,” added Lazatin.

    “Especially these days when a lot of people who don’t have immediate access to newspapers choose to read news on the internet instead.”

    The website, www.carmelopogilazatinjr.com will feature his government platform and advocacies, and his proposed resolutions and ordinances.

    Gunning for his second term, Lazatin distinguished himself as neophyte city alderman, having authored 22 ordinances and 34 resolutions and co-authored 14 resolutions and two ordinances. Unfailingly thanking his council peers for their support for the enactment of these measures.

    Foremost of these legislations are the recently approved city ordinance regulating the use and distribution of plastic bags and prohibiting the use of polystyrene foam (commonly referred to as styrofoam) in the city, and the Senior Citizens Code of Angeles City.

    “Even before I was elected councilor, I’ve always been very vocal about the state of solid waste management in this city,” Lazatin said. “I’m very happy and, dare I say, proud, that the ordinance I introduced to the City Council, which seeks to regulate the use of two of the most common types of waste in the city, have been approved.”

    “I hope Angelenos will take this as proof that I don’t just pay lip service when I talk about relevant issues. I actually do something about it,” added Lazatin.

    Lazatin is the son and namesake of former Pampanga 1st District representative and three-time Angeles City Mayor Carmelo “Tarzan” Lazatin.

    — Bong Z. Lacson/Press release


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