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Nothing is impossible


TEACHING has lots of taxing responsibilities and accountabilities. Though, this factful statement is true and correct as long as you enjoy what you are doing, so be it, we can always make things possible, if we want it so.

Teachers are one of the most trustful and influential individual with whom the pupils believe and depend upon.

Thus, we, as teachers could change the world and make it a better place to live in. An upright and value-oriented place, where pupils can enjoy, practice and experienced everything without hesitations. It may not be easy, but nothing is impossible for a persistent mentor.

Teachers could be an agents of change, thru their own initiative and little way, to extend help to the needy and be of help to the environment. They could participate in programs and projects that may cater to the less fortunate and even initiate a program in finding solutions of some environmental problems.

Teachers could spread happiness, love and affection. As a saying goes, “you could make or break a child’s heart.” And so, let us choose to make one, by providing affection to the pupils. And let them feel, that they are accepted, loved and important. From this little gesture, pupils would experience happiness contentment and confidence.

Teachers could discover potentials among pupils. The honing of young minds and pupils’ progress are surely the future generations assets. Thus, when we could develop how good and talented our pupils could become, we would be assured that we shall have rosters productive and confident individuals for we are able to top and home pupils as young as they are, as early as this time. Because of these things, we can say, we can make things from nothing to possible, from good to better, from better to best.

Teacher III
Mexico Elementary School

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