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No beso-beso, no handshakes
Solon promotes hip bump


Bataan Rep. Geraldine Roman does the hip bump. Photo by Ernie Esconde

The countrys first transgender woman elected to the House of Representatives on Sunday demonstrated the hip bump that she wanted to promote as a form  of greeting to prevent from being infected with the coronavirus disease (Covid19).

With two hands slightly raised, Bataan 1st District Rep. Geraldine Roman moved her hip left and right lightly bumping the hips of two persons.

“As precaution against coronavirus infection, hindi na uso fist bump. Ito na,” she said while showing how to do her new way of greeting an acquaintance.

She explained that although the fist bump is better than handshake, the hip bump is more recommendable in the absence of skin contact.

Roman said that what the government  is doing to control the virus was okay with her, considering thatthere were already two controlled cases. She, however, cautioned everyone just to be careful.

“We must take all safety measures, precautions para ingatan ang ating mga sarili. Handwashing, paggamit ng alcohol, pag-iwas sa malalaking crowds. Kapag maysakit magtakip ng bibig sa pag-ubo, gumamit ng mask. Alagaan ang kalusugan at palakasin ang ating immune system,” Roman said.

Along with members of the Kababaihan ng Bataan tungo sa Kaunlaran (Kabaka), Roman celebrated their 23rd founding anniversary here with Senator Imee Marcos was guest.

Kabaka counting to 45,000 members in six of 12 towns and one city in the province was formed by Geraldine’s mother, former Congresswoman Herminia Roman.




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