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NLEx-SCTEx ready for ‘Balik Eskwela

TO ENSURE faster, safer and convenient travel for motorists, the NLEX Corporation has prepared every possible solution and quick remedies for the the expected surge in traffic volume at the opening of classes on Monday, June 4.
For what is popularly called “Balik Eskwela” for the opening of classes, the firm has made sure all traffic and toll collection management plans are in place at the NLEX and SCTEX.
The tollway firm expects peak travel on June 3, 10, and 17 for Manila-bound motorists since most of the schools in Metro Manila will be starting their classes on either June 4, 13, or 18.
Working hours will be extended by NLEX-SCTEX Traffic Operations, which will also intensify patrol coverage.
More traffic personnel will be fielded in a bid to promptly assist motorists, as they closely monitor traffic at all interchanges and stretches of the entire length of the expressways.
Particular attention will also given to major toll plazas in Balintawak, Mindanao Avenue, Bocaue, Tarlac, and Tipo.
In the afternoons of June 2, 9, and 16 (Saturdays), the Bocaue Toll Plaza will beef up its capacity from the usual 30 collection points to 40. On Sunday afternoons of June 3, 10, and 17 – when traffic is heaviest — the same Bocaue toll plaza will be equipped with 50 collection points.
What’s more, portable toll booths — or portabooths — will be set up. In time for “Balik Eskwela,” only urgent major construction activities will be continued, so only a few lanes will be closed.
Moreover, maintenance works will be limited to roadsides and shoulders unless safety repairs are required.
To complete the preparation, traffic signs are installed at strategic locations to further guide motorists as they travel.
The tollway company also assures its motorists that enough number of lanes are open during weekdays for smooth travel.


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