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Nature’s way


One of the things that I learned when I was studying in NHI (Natural Healing Institute for Naturopathy) in California that is still deeply embedded in my mind is about the relationship of Man and Nature. The chain reaction of each right or unmindful act towards nature and its natural consequences. 

Nature’s way of life is pretty steady, easy, and stable, while Man’ way of life is unpredictable, unstable, and out of rhythm. 

Where there is Man, there is destruction and chaos. Nature does not move, it minds its own flow. It’s perfect!

Fruits and vegetables have a season in a year to bear fruits at their best, to share their glory to Man. Nature knows what Man needs each season, so that’s what it produces to support Man’s needs. It has been taking care of us the whole time without conditions.

The soil where you live, the fruits that it bears, are the right nourishment for you. For instance, the fruits we should eat while in season: Watermelon, powerful food for hydration because of the warm weather. Mangoes are good anti-oxidant and give natural sugar (ripe) to keep us energized especially with the scorching heat! (for diabetics, eat in moderation). Tamarind is an ideal diet to protect our digestive system, it is high in fiber serves to cleanse the stomach – which is the breeding ground of bacteria, to name a few. 

Unless you connect to the movement and cycle of Nature, you will forever be at loss and sickly – physically and mentally, because Nature and Man cannot be separated. We are One. 

Now with the pandemic we are facing, which we created, what can we contribute is to stop trashing, polluting, and start planting. Man became like robots, physically awake but his awareness is asleep. 

We can still heal. We just need to be more mindful, intelligent, and loving again. This is how God created us. Let us restore our goodness and work in harmony with Nature and help it to heal. It is high time to give back!

Restore. Refresh. Rejuvenate. Recycle. Rejoice. 

Affirm with me: I am safe, healthy, cool, calm, positive, and beautiful! And so, it is!!! 




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