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My Lola Nor’s: From meryendahan to family casual dining


FROM ITS beginnings as a meryendahan in Mabalacat City, My Lola Nor’s is
evolving to become a family casual dining restaurant where every member
finds a favorite in the menu. In a new refreshing, spacious setting at that!
This first branch of My Lola Nor’s at 301 Telabastagan, City of San Fernando
exudes the ambiance of that free and easy time lost in the frenzy of

Elsa Jocson-Yabut, co-owner of My Lola Nor’s 301, said the structure was
built from salvaged wood and organic materials like Amakan, Adobe, Narra
and old iron from the Roque’s ancestral house in Betis Pampanga. It depicts
a modern barn house concept and is instagram-worthy. The stunning high
ceiling sunroom paired with a seamless flooring made of Machuca tiles
gives that embracing welcome vibe. The restaurant has huge windows that
look at the greeneries outside, but you can also opt to sit at the dining al
fresco where there’s a better view of their beautiful garden.

Lola Nors 301 owners (L-R) Dennis and Dr. Angel Dizon with Elsa and Raymond Yabut

“For this branch we partnered with Dennis Dizon and family, they own the
property. We are excited because the location is so strategic boundary of
San Fernando and Angeles so we are getting customers from both cities
and same time its near the prime residential area,” she said.

But lest you be mistaken, it is the food that’s the star here. My Lola Nor’s
has become a requisite stop for tourists and locals alike. It is popular for
classic Filipino-Kapampangan cuisine. The okoy (vegetable and shrimp
fritter), crispy and light, is a specialty. Any day beginning with their pansit
luglug (version of the famous Pinoy noodle pansit palabok) is sure to be a
good one.

My Lola Nor’s embodies the stance of uncompromising quality and
traditional way of cooking.

Pansit Luglug

“Kapampangan cooking takes a lot of patience and effort because every
recipe is a long process for instance lagat puso (sautéed banana heart) we
do the old way from trimming the hard sheaths of banana heart, slicing crosswise with vinegar-soaked knife to squeezing to extract the sap and so on,” she shared.

There’s no question why people keep coming back to My Lola Nor’s the
family has preserved the original recipes. Of course, they have made few
additions to the menu such as pasta and delectable pugon wood-fire pizza
that will be soon available.

Another exciting part is the pasalubong corner where you can buy freshly
baked breads, cookies and pastries, Sese Matua gourmet cane vinegar and

So, after the feast, drape yourself over to your personal favorite sweet
treats – the pleasant tang of hot batirol and melt-in-your-mouth delicacy
tibok-tibok (yummy kakanin made of carabao milk, coconut milk, dayap and
sugar, boiled until “tumitibok-tibok”). The result – Heaven!

Tibok Tibok made from pure Carabao’s milk
Dinuguan with Puto
Putong Babi

My Lola Nor’s is located at 301 Place Manarang St. Telabastagan City of
San Fernando Pampanga open Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 8 pm for
reservation call 0999-9557233, 0966-4038118 follow FB Page at My Lola
Nor’s 301.

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