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MLSF winners vow support for disaster preparedness, local businesses


(NEW FERNANDINO KING AND QUEEN. The newly-crowned Mutya at Lakan ning San Fernando, Rica Gabriene David and Jaime Kjel Velasco, after winning the coveted titles on May 29, 2019 at Heroes Hall.)

The newly-crowned Mutya at Lakan ning San Fernando now have a platform to push for their advocacies as the city’s newest ambassadors.

Rica Gabriene David and Jaime Kjel Velasco were crowned evening of May 29, 2019 at Heroes Hall in a program hosted by the city government.

The event was in line with the celebration of Pyestang Fernandino. David, who represented Barangay Sta. Teresita- Federation of Homeowners Association (FEDHOA) during the competition, said that she’ll help create a more resilient future generation by educating the youth on disaster preparedness and management.

“I believe that the children and youth are always the most affected during any calamity or natural disasters. Considering their vulnerability to hazards, they are also incapable of protecting themselves. This has led me to advocate for youth disaster preparedness and management,” David said.

“Educating the youth will inspire them to disseminate their message of preparedness to their families and communities and will be able to build a future generation of more resilient men and women,” she added.

Supporting local businesses, meanwhile, was the advocacy of San Nicolas’ bet Velasco, which, according to him, will be a channel of local economic growth.

“The support of Fernandinos to local businesses will serve as a channel for local economic growth. This will generate more jobs and reduce poverty. Now, I encourage everyone to patronize our industry,” he said.

Apart from their advocacies, the new king and queen are also set to represent the city in other pageantries and grace several activities of the city.

Other winners in the pageant were:

  • Alfrancis Lagazon of Telabastagan (Lakan first runner-up)
  • Lyra Punsalan of Telabastagan (Mutya first runner-up)
  • Bernard Son Lazatin of Juliana (Lakan second runner-up)
  • Mae Angelie Tan of Maimpis (Mutya second runner-up)
  • Casey Jem Canlas of San Isidro (Lakan third runner-up)
  • Alaine Ghel Pingul of Pulung Bulu (Mutya third runner-up)
  • Christian Paul Garcia of San Juan (Lakan fourth runner-up)
  • Mayriz Balagtas of Dolores (Mutya fourth runner-up)

Robbie Hizon, Mutya at Lakan ning San Fernando 2019 Chairperson, said the winners’ role is to help the youth in nation building; and promote the city and its programs.

For his part, Mayor Edwin “EdSa” Santiago expressed gladness that the competition has also become an avenue for the youth to present their advocacies for the Fernandinos.

“Ang Syudad San Fernando ay lugar ng mga naggagandahan at talentadong kabataan. Pero, masaya din tayo na bukod sa face value, sa talent, this pageant also let our candidates na ipakita yung own advocacies nila na makakatulong sa ating siyudad,” Santiago said.


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