Mikey doubts recall move would succeed


    CLARK FREEPORT, Pampanga- Presidential son Rep. Mikey Arroyo expressed yesterday doubts that the recall move against Gov. Eddie Panlilio would progress, as he noted the lack of historical precedent involving such cases.
    “It could progress, but it could just die a natural death,” he told Punto in an interview here after he guested in a local television program.
    “But I will neither stop people from signing nor encourage them to sign the recall petition. It’s a democratic exercise, “ he said.
    He advised Panlilio, though, “to talk to the people of Pampanga more”.
    Arroyo said that historically, no recall move in the country has so far succeeded. “At times, they don’t even reach the Comelec (Commission on Elections),” he said.

    Arroyo said, however, that the recall move could pose as a significant challenge to Panlilio. “The failure of the recall move to succeed would strengthen his mandate,” he noted.

    Critics have noted that Panlilio won only by a “marginal” 1,147 votes over his closest gubernatorial rival Lilia Pineda whose turf is also this province’s second district.

    “It’s really up to Kapampangans to decide (on their support for the recall move) but I think they will decide on the basis of service deliveries (by the Panlilio administration),” he said.

    Saying “I have nothing personal against Gov. Panlilio”, Arroyo nevertheless advised him to hold more dialogs with his constituents in his province rather than elsewhere.

    “It’s really funny,” he said, apparently referring to the speaking engagements and a recent press conference held by Panlilio outside Pampanga.

    “I have nothing personal against Gov. Panlilio, but I really would suggest that he talks to the people of Pampanga more,” Arroyo added.

    Earlier this week, Panlilio, together with Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca, held a press conference at the Ateneo de Manila about the recall petition initiated last week by the Kapanalig at Kambilan neng Memalen Pampanga (Kambilan).

    Kambilan organizers said they already have 6,000 members who are now soliciting the 100,000 signatures needed for the Comelec to validate the recall to pave the way for the holding of a special gubernatorial polls in Pampanga before May next year.

    Kambilan president Rosve Henson said “loss of confidence” in Panlilio’s leadership was the main basis for the recall petition to be submitted to the Comelec once the required signatures are garnered.


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