Messages from newly OK”d apparitions

    THE CHURCH approved only last May yet one of the growing number of apparitions of the Blessed Mother, this time in San Nicolas, Argentina. The apparitions started in 1983 with messages for the world, lasting through 1990, for a total of over 1,800 messages.

    This is on top of 68 messages from Jesus Christ Himself.

    The seer was a simple, almost illiterate housewife named Gladys Quiroga de Motta who, as directed by the Blessed Mother, put in writing the messages. The apparitions and other miraculous events continued even beyond 1990, but with less messages.

    There, the Blessed Mother made an alarming revelation: two-thirds of the world “is lost” and that the remainder “must make reparation,” she warned.

    “Oh my daughter, how many children I fi nd today in submission to the evil one! Wickedness is rampant, but I will fi nish with it; the Lord grants me the power to achieve it,” Mary told Gladys on September 28, 1986.

    “I say to the people of the world: Hope in the Lord humbly, acknowledging that no one can follow the path if he does not cling to God,” the Blessed Mother also said.

    There have been documented miraculous healings at the apparition site, including one involving a boy with brain tumor. Gladys herself continues to be an instrument of the miraculous, as she continues to bear the scientifi cally unexplainable wounds of Jesus.

    On November 14, 1990, Bishop Domingo issued an edict that gave “Imprimatur” for the publication of the Spanish edition of the Messages of Our Lady to Gladys de Motta.

    On May 22, 2016, the apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary were declared by the local bishop, Most. Rev. Hector Cardelli, as being supernatural and worthy of belief.

    The Blessed Mother’s messages frequently called for detachment from materialism. “I say to my children: do not seek beyond what the Lord marks for you, for all would be barren,” she said.

    “Remember, my children, when a storm comes, only the Lord can dispel the clouds. Place your trust in the Savior and He will protect you with His protecting arm,” the Blessed Mother also said, lamenting that even the Church has become materialistic to the point of aff ecting the faithful.

    She also said that some kind of war “has broken out, a terrible tempest, the work of the devil” and that “the enemy is challenging me pitilessly; he is tempting my children openly. It is a war between light and darkness, a constant persecution of my dear Church.”

    “My children, do not live in the easy way as is done these days, to the rhythms of madness, of violence, believing that man alone can provide himself with everything he may want. All is falsehood, because it is a mistaken way of living,” said our Mother.

    “Pray for those lost souls, for the materialism that wants to be imposed on the weak, for that hollow world in which so many children fall and that off ers nothing,” she urged.

    Our Blessed Mother counsels us: “Keep your spirit calm, beloved children. If you fi nd yourselves near hatred, withdraw from hatred. Christ is not there. If you fi nd yourselves facing someone who feels powerful, withdraw from him also, as Christ is not there either.”

    "Everyone is aware that the earth is in great danger. The devil wants to have full domination over the earth. He wants to destroy,” our Mother said, as she reminded us that praying works against evil.


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