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Meralco Biz empowers businesses to leap with power and reach new heights in the Year of the Water Rabbit


It’s no secret that many businesses in the last couple of years have scaled back on operations because of the challenges brought about by the pandemic. But as everyone welcomes the Year of the Water Rabbit, with its promise of prosperity and longevity, many are poised to hop back on track and hopefully reach new heights. Meralco Biz has geared up to enable this resurgence with its suite of services and solutions to increase operational efficiency and optimize resources – helping them to achieve great results in this new chapter.

Meralco Biz empowers businesses at every stage

With electricity crucial to any business, whether setting up or expanding, Meralco Biz can bolster businesses with a power demand of 5 to 499 kW across different industries.

Free consultations with Meralco Biz as early as the planning stage help to ensure the business is powered in time for the target opening. Customers can also achieve further cost efficiencies and maintain safe operations through Meralco Biz’s comprehensive and tailor-fit solutions, that match business needs, such as Peak/Off-Peak and Net Metering.

Meralco Biz also offers end-to-end energy solutions, including seamless endorsement to subsidiary services such as Fiber Optic Internet Connectivity, Indoor Air Quality Solutions which optimize health, solar panels that augment power supply, and electric vehicle fleet capabilities.

Achieve significant savings and business growth with Meralco

One of the many partners of Meralco Biz is BioStar NutriProducts Inc., a manufacturer, distributor, and importer of veterinary and nutritional products for hogs and poultry.

Lorna Serviento, BioStar’s CEO, credits the seamless and constant expansion of their business to Meralco Biz. BioStar built probiotics plants to keep up with veterinary developments in other countries, and Meralco Biz helped achieve that through the timely energization of these plants. Meralco has worked closely with BioStar as early as the planning stage to ensure efficient, safe, and hassle-free energization.

Serviento said, “We are still thinking of expanding our business in the coming years. Hindi namin maiisip mag-expand without the help and support of Meralco. In every move, kabalikat na po namin ang Meralco.” [We are still thinking of expanding our business in the coming years. We would be unable to consider this expansion without Meralco’s help and support. In every move, they are our partners.]

Another Meralco Biz partner, The Sun Group of Companies (SGC), which owns and operates XTREME Appliances, Hotel99, RED Hotel, and the Sunland Development Corporation, also experienced savings which powered their business growth as a result of the collaboration.

Simon Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Sunland Development Corporation, the real estate arm of SGC, cited the Meralco Peak/Off-Peak (POP) solution as the game-changer. POP generated savings of 10 to 20% on energy costs per year for three of SGC’s hotels, equivalent to an accumulated savings of P1.6M.

Tan expressed the role that Meralco Biz played in his company, “Whether big or small, the client will experience the benefits. I cannot imagine a business without Meralco.”

These accounts are testaments to Meralco’s commitment to empower businesses to adapt, recover, and thrive even in challenging business environments, through Meralco Biz.

Joy P. Mendoza, AVP & Head of Meralco Biz, says, “With SMEs as the backbone of the economy, they must always have constant and reliable partners who can help them grow their business and seize opportunities for success. We are confident that we can be that partner through our established relationship management practices, technical competencies, and a wide array of future-ready services and solutions.”

Like Serviento and Tan, Meralco Biz invites more businesses to leap with power and reach new heights this Year of the Water Rabbit. Those interested can book a free Power Consult via email biz@meralco.com.ph, contact the hotline at 16210, or get in touch with a Biz Partner Manager.


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