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MCG eyes ‘humane city jail’

Angeles District Jail warden J/Supt. Manolet L. Datan pays call on Mayor Crisostomo Garbo. Contributed photo

MABALACAT CITY – Humane, as in “providing a suitable environment for the rehabilitation of inmates and space for livelihood programs,” defines the kind of jail facility that Mayor Crisostomo Garbo plans to establish here.

“The city only has a custodial facility at the moment. As the city continues to grow in its progress and population, there is a need to have its own city jail that may be remote but accessible to visitors, and most importantly, has space for livelihood programs,” Garbo said at the recent courtesy visit to his office of newly appointed Angeles District Jail warden J/Supt. Manolet L. Datan.

Datan thanked Garbo for his continuing support to the district jail. “Mabalacat City under the leadership of Mayor Garbo has provided service vehicles to our district jail, and we thank him for his consistent generosity.”

The necessity for a new city jail is underscored by current jail statistics shared by Datan with the mayor that there are currently 360 inmates from Mabalacat City housed in the district jail, of whom 300 are male and 60 female.

Garbo envisions the proposed city jail to be a transformative facility that will not only address the space requirements but also foster a rehabilitative atmosphere with livelihood space where inmates can learn new skills, engage in meaningful work, and prepare for their eventual reintegration into society.

“A compassionate approach to corrections, prioritizing humane conditions and the prospect of a second chance for inmates,” said the mayor of his proposal. “A testament to the city’s dedication to social welfare and the betterment of all its constituents, including those who are incarcerated.”


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